of Our Patrons in Bureau County

Transcribed by Janine Crandell

Source: The Voters and Tax-payers of Bureau County, Illinois, Pub. by H.F. Kett & Co., 1877



Albrecht Jacob, Brewer.

Bailey & Bascom, Editors and Proprietors Bureau County Republican.

Baldwin Chas. Attorney at Law.

Brandon Alex. Sheriff.

Chapman A. Scott, Dentist. Office over Phelps' Furniture store, 68 Main St.

Colver Edward, Carpenter and Builder.

Cox Benj. F. Livery, Sale, and Feed Stable.

Crossley Geo. W. M.D., Physician and Surgeon. Office over Winter & Cushing's Drug Store; residence cor. Peru and Pleasant Sts.

Cusic H. L, Dealer in Boots and Shoes.

Dean Daniel Hi Plain and Ornamental Book and Job Printer, office near C. B. & Q. R R. Depot, over - Farmer's National Bank.

Ellis Jas, H. Real Estate & Insurance.

Fagercrans P. & Co, Dealers in Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, Spectacles, Gold Pens, Fine Cutlery, etc. Manufacturing and Repairing a Specialty. Established 1852.

Farmer's National Bank, E. R. Virden, Pres.; Clark Gray, Cashier.

First National Bank, B. S. Ferris, Pres.; Frank Gould, Cashier.

Gibons Robert R. Attorney at Law.

Griffith P, H. Proprietor Oakland Nursery and Flower Garden, Propagator and Dealer in General Nursery Stock. Wholesale and retail. Complete assortment. Low Prices.

Harris & Cottle, Wholesale Dealers in Crockery and Confectionery, and retailers of Groceries.

Henderson & Trimble, Attorneys and Counselors at Law.

Henderson Walter L. Attorney at Law.

Herron Jas. J. Attorney at Law.

Immke H. W. Photographic Artist, Main St., near Depot. Latest styles Pictures taken at the lowest rates. All work warranted first-class. A large assortment of Frames, Albums, and Stereoscopic Views, constantly on hand.

Johnson Chas. D. Manufacturer and Dealer in Pumps.

Lauth Christian, Proprietor Farmer's National Hotel, Stoner's Block, Depot. Boarding by the day or week. Prices reasonable.

Long John J. Attorney at Law.

McManis Geo. G. Miller, Blacksmith, and Bridge Builder.

Mercer & Smith, Editors and Proprietors Bureau County Tribune.

Miles Wm. Dealer in Lumber and Farm Machinery.

Miller Geo. W. Dealer in Groceries, Crockery, Glassware, Wooden-ware; Green, Dried and Canned Fruits. Goods given for all kinds produce. Main St. near C. B. & Q. Depot.

Miller Jacob, Real Estate, Insurance and Collection Agency.

Peters, Eckels & Kyle, Attorneys at Law.

Princeton Manufacturing Company, Founders and Machinists, and Manufacturers Farming Implements. Established 1868. Capital Stock $50,000. Jno. H. Bryant, Pres., J. Chrisman, Vice Pres., J. S. Miller, Treas., S. G. Paddock, Secy.

Shunland A. A. Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Crockery and Glassware. Agent White Star and Allan Steamship lines. Main St.

Skinner Richard M. Attorney and Counselor at Law. State's Attorney of Bureau County.

Spens Conrad, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Office on Main St.

Streeter Theodore P. Lessee Republican Steam, Book and Job Printing rooms.

Strock Bros. Manufacturer Sash, Doors. Blinds and Mouldings, Turning, Scroll Sawing, Stair-work, etc.

Templeton J. W. Postmaster.

Thomas Chas. G. Dealer in Hides and Agent National Lightning Rod Co.

Thompson Jas. P. City Marshal.

Wagner Jno. Brick Manufacturer.

Waugh Jas. Butcher and Dealer in Fresh and Salt Meats. General Market.

Washburn E. A. Treasurer and Collector Bureau Co.

Wolfersberger & Immke, Dealers in Books, Stationery, Music, Musical Instruments, Pictures and Frames. Cor. Main and La Salle

Woodruff & Gosse, Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Dye Stuffs, Fancy and Toilet Articles, Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, etc. Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compounded, and orders answered with care and dispatch. Farmers and Physicians will find our medicines complete, warranted genuine, and of best quality. Main St. near Depot.




Bayard A. L., M. D., Physician and Surgeon.

Brown J. H. & Co. Dealers Agricultural Implements.

Burke & Simmons, Grain and Stock Dealers.

Burrell G. H. Druggist.

Chandler E. C. Sewing Machine Agt.

Crane E. Harness Manufacturer.

Critchell F. C. Machinist, Blacksmith and Dealer in Agricultural Implements.

Fox G. S. Shoemaker.

Freeman & Brewer, Dealers in Clothing, Boots and Shoes.

Kelley Eleazer Jr. Proprietor Walnut House.

Kelley Isaac, Dealer in General Merchandise and Agricultural Implements.

Knight & Wolf, Livery, Boarding and Sale Stable.

Kurtz I. Jr. Stock Dealer.

Landers & Knight, Law, Real Estate, Insurance and Collection Office.

Le Feber Philip, Carpenter and Builder.

Miller R. Carriage, House and Sign Painter.

McElvannia Jas. Livery and Boarding Stable. Prop. "Transient House."

O'Neal Jno. Wagon-maker.

Overholt C. Blacksmith and Proprietor Farmers' Hotel.

Ramsey Jno. General Merchandise.

Sayers J. H. General Merchandise.

Strayer J. W. Agent for M. Mercer, Lumber and Building Material.

Thompson J. H., M. D., Physican and Surgeon.

Towner & Sackett, Grain and Stock Dealer.

Townsend S. J. Editor Walnut Motor. Established July 4, 1876.

Van Liew Frank E. Attorney at Law, Real Estate, Insurance and Collection office.

Woodard Wm. N. Attorney at Law.



Beckwith Werden N. Stock Buyer.

Benedict S. M. & Son Bankers.

Boal J. F. & Son, Druggists.

Buchan Frank G. Dealer in Watches, Clocks, Fine Jewelry and Spectacles. A large variety of Notions and Periodicals constantly on hand.

Buckman Henry C. Carriage Painter.

Buda Manufacturing Company, Rufus Ford, Pres.

Dennis & Anderson, Livery, Sale and Feed Stable.

Ford Rufus H. Dealer in Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Lime, Cement, etc.

Fuller Geo. H. Physician and Surgeon.

Kealiher Hugh F. Carpenter and Builder.

Knipple & Smith, Dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, etc., cor. Depot and Main St.

Lockwood Thos. J. Dealer in all kinds Agricultural Implements, Wind-Mills, Pumps, Drain Tile, etc., and Mettler's celebrated Patent Drain-Tile Layer.

Logenecker Peter, Furniture Dealer and Undertaker.

McKee Wm. A. Wagon-maker.

Morgan N. W. & Co. Butchers and Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meat.

Page Isaac D. Postmaster and Dealer in School Books, and Stationery of all kinds.

Reisinger Emanuel. Boot and Shoe Maker.

Rick Jno. G. Notary Public, Tonsorial Artist, Agent Cunard, National, and Netherlands Steamship lines, also Agent Phoenix Fire Insurance Co., Brooklyn and Morris European Express.

Stewart J. B. & Co. Flouring Mill.

Sweet Jacob L. Justice of the Peace.

Sweetser Jno. Proprietor Highland Cemetery.

Thorndike Wm. Butcher and Meat Market.

Waite Benj. F. Banker and Dealer in General Merchandise.

Weston James W. Proprietor Weston House. First-class Hotel. Good Sample Room. Livery and Feed Stable attached.



Boyden & Dewey, Bankers and General Merchants.

Clark Jno. L. Prop. Nursery, small Fruits a specialty, also Breeder Fancy Poultry.

Cory Samuel, Stone-mason.

Cummings Wm. Proprietor Glenwood Farm, Breeder of Short-horn Cattle, Chester, White and Berkshire Swine, and Fancy Poultry.

Fisher Calvin, Prop. Globe Hotel, Good teams furnished Customers at reasonable rates.

Lawton Watson F. Stock Buyer.

Maher Patrick, Stone-mason.

Moore D. G. & Co. Dealer in Agricultural Implements. Cash paid for Butter and Eggs.

Morgan Jas. L. Physician, Surgeon, and Druggist.

Percival Abbie Miss, Dealer in Millinery and Fancy Goods.

Peterson Christian, Blacksmith.

Peterson Jorgen, Police Constable.

Stoddard David T. Justice of Peace.



Angier Bros., Dealers in Furniture, Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.

Burnett J. Y. Dealer in Hard and Soft Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Building Paper, etc., Farm Pumps and Eave-Spouting always on hand. Near Depot.

Fassett E. W. & Co. Dealers in General Merchandise.

Fassett Frank M. Book-keeper.

Frary R. B. Dealer in General Merchandise.

HahOVer C.. F, Proprietor Lamoille House.

Holbrook J. T. Manufacturer Medicines.

Howard Frank M. Police Constable.

Parks L. P. & Co. Grain Buyers and Dealers in Coal, Salt, Lime, Cement, etc.

Schmid Johan G. Saloon.

Stevenson Geo. T. Druggist and Postmaster.

Wade John, Stock Dealer.



Aldrich P. L. Proprietor Ellsworth House.

Chapman E. A. Watchmaker and Jeweler.

Craig James, General Stock Merchants.

Fish C. B. Carpenter and Painter.

Flemming Jno. Barber.

Houghton L. F. Dealer in all kinds of Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Lime, Cement, Stucco, Hair, Coal, etc., near Depot.

Hugo Albert, Mnfr. and Dealer in Driving and Draft Harness, Saddles, Collars, Robes and Blankets.

Keithahan August, Restaurant and Boarding House. Confectionery, Cigars, and Tobacco.

Kitchen Jos. L. Physician and Surgeon.

Montgomery Robt. Insurance Agent.

Nelson B. Groceries, Provisions, etc.

Nichols David T. Ticket and Freight Agent, C. B. & Q. R. R.

Spangler David, Dealer in Dry Goods, etc., Postmaster.

Stover & Clark Mrs. Millinery, Dress and Cloak Making.

Streedain B. H. Boot and Shoe Maker.

Summers G. W. Harness Maker.

Way & Houghton, Dealers in Hardware, Iron, Nails, and Agricultural Implements, Stoves, Tinned, Japanned Ware, etc. Main Street.

WILCOX & Fisher, Grain ,and Stock Dealers.

Yearnshaw Jno. Groceries, Crockery, Glassware, Flour, Fruits, Confectionery, etc.

Young & Latty, Meat Market.



Battey Owen W. Dealer in Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Grain, Lime, Cement and Plaster. Agent C. R. I. & P. R. R.

Boyden E. P. Proprietor Tiskilwa House.

Gibbs H. D. & Co. Dealers in Hardware, Stoves, Iron, Cutlery, etc.

Gardner & Albrecht, Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions, etc.

Gudgell Wm. G. Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Stock, etc.

Le Favre Jno. F. Music Teacher, Tuner Pianos & Organs, Dealer in Music.

Minteer Isaac A. Bridge Builder.

Searle L. T. Attorney at Law.

Sherwood David B. Editor and Proprietor Tiskilwa Register.

Slygh Chas. C. Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer.

Slygh Jno. A. Blacksmith.

Wright Isaac, Carpenter.



Bagaley Richard, Grain Dealer.

Henderson Josiah, Blacksmith.

Keel Jno. B. Hardware Dealer.

Perkins Jno. Merchant.

Shirk D. & Co. Dealers in Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, Provisions, etc.



Stimmell J. A. & H. B. Blacksmiths and Wagon-makers, P.O. Hollowayville.



Lomax Abel, Miller, Sec. 9, P. O. Tiskilwa.

Nye Julius Dr. Physician, Sec. 35, P.O. Tiskilwa.



Lyford Alford, Prop. Coal Mine, Sec. 30, P.O. Sheffield.

Madison Jno. Q. Blacksmith. Sec. 2, P.O. Wyanet.

Phelps E. S. Builder, Sec. 12, P.O. Wyanet.



McCreedy J. M. Real Estate Dealer, Sec. 14, P.O. Arlington.



Bettendorf Hubert, Groceries, etc.

Booth Jno. T. Blacksmith.

Briggs H. S. Carriage Manufacturer.

Cookley Jno. C. Stock Dealer.

Cooley Jno. Blacksmith and Machinist.

Cooley & Gaynor, Meat Market and Stock Dealers.

Dodge & Wilson, Hardware, Stoves, and Agricultural Implements.

Grimes Jas. B. Proprietor Baldwin House.

Hathorn J. E., M. D. Physician and Surgeon.

Meriam F. B. Coal and Flour Dealer.

Parke H. F. Carriage Painter.

Warren Cyrus T. Grain Dealer.



Hope F. A. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Tobacco, Cigars, and Smoking Articles.

Hubbard J. W. Carpenter and Joiner.

Osborn Leroy, Dealer in Hard and Soft Lumber, Laths, Shingles, Pickets, Sawed and Split Fence Posts, Salt, Lime, Cement, etc.

Rackley Warren, Justice of the Peace, and Dealer in Agricultural Implements.



Pardue Anthony A. Physican, Sec. 15, P.O. Milo.



Ackley Saml. J. Wagon Maker and Blacksmith.

Morrill F. Postmaster.



Allen P. J. & W. C. Feed Mills, Corn Shellers, and Threshers.

Garman J. H. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Flour, etc.

Stoodley G. F. Physician and Surgeon.



Martin Jas. H. Dealer in General Merchandise.

Masters J. Sons. Proprietors of Bureau Valley and Leepertown Mills. Milling and Grain Business.

Ramsey Jno. L. Proprietor Bureau House, Agent C. R. I. & P. R. R.

White Edward, Dealer in General Merchandise, and Postmaster.



Chandler & Landers. Livery, Boarding and Sale Stable.

Chase A. W. & Co. Drugs and Groceries.

Clasen & Harderson, Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, in fact everything found in a country store. Low prices, small profits, and quick returns is our motto.

Mercer T. D. Physician and Surgeon.

Richardson A. N. Physician and Surgeon.

Scott A. R. Law, Real Estate, Insurance, and Collection Office.

Walter Bros. & Co. General Retail Dealers of all kinds of Merchandise.


Conibear E. H. General Merchandise.

Crandell W. W. General Merchandise.

Laird Andrew, Wagon Manufacturer.

Van Velzer Jno. Proprietor Coal Mine, Sec. 20.



Abarr N. H. Agent Wilson Sewing Machine.

Clark Saml. Dealer in Blooded Stock.

Cook J. M. Prof. Principal of Normal and Business School. Year opens the first Tuesday in September. Tuition, $7.00 to $8.00 per term, payable in advance. Board $2.50 to $3.25 per week.

Smith A. J. Painter.

Thompson Jno. Proprietor Hotel.



Carpenter Luther F. Machinist.

Cashing Christopher C. Butcher.

McKay Silas W. Blacksmith.



Morgan J. H. & Co. Groceries, Boots, Shoes, and Family Supplies.



Gray Cornelius, Physician and Surgeon.



Clayberg Perry C. Physician.

Fisher Henry, Tailor.

Lee Myron H. Merchant.

Morse & Vancourt, Hardware and Agricultural Implements.

Shoemaker W. W. Grocer.

Taladay E. S. Blacksmith.

Whaples W. D. General Merchandise and Banker.

Winn Erastus, Mason.



Banschbach Martin, Hotel and Lumber Dealer.

Bernhard & Orthel, Dealers in General Merchandise.

Ring Wm. Miller.

Schmidt Jacob, Billiard Saloon.



Stadler Christian, Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, and a general assortment of Goods.



Adair & Austin, Coal Operators, Sec. 17, P. O. Princeton.

Hill Jno. Merchant, Sec. 17, P. O. Princeton.

Walton Bros. Coal Operators, Sec. 17, P. O. Princeton.



Simpson J. H. Teacher, Sec. 21, P. O. Sheffield.

Wheelock Geo. Blacksmith, and Manufacturer of Carriages and Buggies and all Implements for General use, Sec. 22, P.O. Sheffield.



Borland J. R. Tinsmith, Dealer in all kinds of Tinware. All kinds of Job Work done cheap.

Craft Jno. W. Blacksmith.

Hay W. L. & Son, Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots & Shoes. 




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