William Canham

Kewanee Star Courier, Dec. 10, 1910
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Section Worker Killed on Rails - Wm. Canham Meets Death at Neponset at Early hour Today. - Lifeless Remanins Found by Operator - Coroners Inquest Being Held - Few Witnesses to be Heard

Neponset, ILL., Dec. 10. With the head split in horrible manner, the remains of William Canham aged 52 years were picked up on the main line tracks of the Burlington railroad this morning at 6:30 o'clock.

It is in the supposition that Mr. Canham came to his death by being struck by one of eight trains that passed through town between the hours of two and six this morning.

Was Sweeping Snow

With the oncoming of the sleet and snow last night, Mr. Canham planned his work last evening and left his home at 2:45 o'clock. he took with him a broom and went to work to sweep the snow from the switches. He reported at the depot and chatted for a short time with the night operator, Mr. Kunkle. he then started to work in the east part of the yards.

Missed - Body Found

When he did not return the night operator began to get uneasy, but as there were trains passing through he could not leave his duties until about 6:30 o'clock. He then started in search of the workman and found his body lying close to a switch, between the rails a half mile east of the depot. He secured aid and the remains were taken to the Carpenter undertaking rooms. The body was not mangled but the head was so badly split that it was with difficulty that the features could not be recognized.

Many Trains Go Through

Several fast passenger trains and freight trains scheduled to go through this city went on time this morning, so it is not known which one of them killed him, it is said that when the east-bound passenger train No.2 arrived in Kewanee that the head light was not burning, so this train is believed to have been the one that caused the death of the workman.

Well Known Resident

For the last 10 or 12 years Mr. Canham has been the employ of the company as a railroad workman. He was well known and highly respected all through town. He is survived by a wife and six children, three of whom are married and are living away from home.

Coroner A.H. Malm of Princeton , arrived on the morning train today and impaneled a coroner's jury so that an inquest could be held. Only a few witnesses were to be heard.

He is buried Floral Hill cemetery.



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