On the 7th last, Mr. Ziba Hacket and old and respected citizen of our town was found dead near the Centenary Chapel. He had been visiting some of his neighbors, and had been seen going towards home only a short time before he was found dead; and when found was on his knees and head, and only a few feet from the Chapel. Mr. Geo Beadleman found him and supposed he was down in the snow in that position, trying to see something under the church. Some of the citizens that soon gathered there thought best to hold and inquest. Squire Sweet was soon on the ground, summoned a jury and proceeded to the inquisition. Nothing could be gained from the witnesses as to the cause of this death, so the jury rendered their verdict accordingly. The friends then proceeded to arrange for the funeral ceremonies which took place at the chapel on Thursday the 9th last, Elder Callahan officiating.

(Ziba is buried at the Mineral Cemetery, Bureau County, IL)

(The Bureau County Repulbican, Jan. 23, 1879, submitted by Lori Graff) 




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