SPRING VALLEY – Funeral services have been held in Chicago for Mrs. Joseph Malone, 31 of that city, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Makiney of Chicago, former residents of Spring Valley.

Services were held at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church in Chicago and burial made in St. Mary’s cemetery there.

Ailing for some time, Mrs. Malone had not been regarded as being seriously ill but, succumbed suddenly to a heart attack May 21.

She is survived by her husband and one daughter, Loretta, who is seven years old, and her parents. The Makiney family left Spring Valley for Chicago about 20 years ago.

Mrs. Malone was a granddaughter of Mrs. Catherine O’Byrne of East Erie street, Spring Valley and a niece of Mrs. Dan Pohl.

Mrs. Pohl and the following from this community attended this funeral services held in the city a week ago today: Mrs. and Mrs. Theodore DeSerf and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Podobinski, Mrs. Ernest Foli and Mrs. John Grosso, Spring Valley; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Malcolm, Dalzell: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tobler, Peru: Mrs. W.G. Kirby, Moline.

[Marie Denise (Mackiney) Malone
July 4, 1913 Spring Valley, IL
May 21, 1944 Chicago, IL
31 yrs]

(Unknown newspaper and date, submitted by Denise Parsons)




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