Sarah Wilson

Grandma McGonigle and Mrs. Sarah Wilson are both very low and fears are felt for their recovery.

(Bureau County Republican, Jan. 29, 1914, submitted by Shirley Beams Simmons)

The funeral of Mrs. Sarah Wilson near Kasbeer took place from her late home Tuesday. Mrs. Wilson was the mother of our fellow townsman, Charles Wilson.

Mrs. Sarah Wilson died Friday evening at her home east of Kasbeer. Mrs. Wilson never recovered from the shock of a fall which she received several months ago, and her health failed rapidly since that time. The funeral was held Tuesday at 1 o'clock.

(Bureau County Republican, Feb. 14, 1914, submitted by Shirley Beams Simmons)


It is our duty to write again this week of a good old mother, who upwards of four score years has fought life's battles. In her younger days her husband was taken from her and two little girls were left with only a mother's care. She again married and later her second companion was taken and this time six children were left, some of whom were grown; others were small, but they were kept together under their mother's roof until such time as they desired to establish homes of their own. Her youngest son was overtaken by tuberculosis and his earthly career was ended just as he was crossing the threshold of manhood. Now the main spoke in the family wheel has broken and mother has gone. Sarah Ogan Ary Wilson was one of the older daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Evan Ogan, who moved from Ohio to Bureau county in an early day, and therefore endured pioneer life along its many lines, particularly coming along the lines of a family of eighteen children, of which she was one. Mrs. Wilson was a resident of this locality long before the writer was born and the memory of his earliest days goes back and we can see her as an apparently old lady, but time moved on until our own locks have become tinged with gray, and yet this good old lady had been permitted to keep her armor and shield until Friday night when she laid it down at the feet of Him who doeth all things well." The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the late home, one and three-fourths miles east of Limerick to the Limerick cemetery. Rev. L. F. Kidd of the M. P. church of Ohio, conducted the funeral services.


Mrs. Sarah Ann Ogan, Daughter of Evan and Susan Ogan, was born in Greene County, Ohio, September 24, 1827, and was married to Tobias Ary in September, 1846, and immediately started for Illinois. Her husband died in 1850, leaving two daughters, Mrs. Maria Ary Wilson and Lide E. Ary. In 1853 she was united in marriage again to William Wilson. Six children were born to this union, Evan J., Mary Wilson Smith, Charles R., Alice Wilson, Frank H., and Harlan M., who passed away January 17, 1901. Seven brothers and five sisters, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren together with her family are left to mourn the departure of one who was active in life. The writer calls to memory one act of her life, long after she had reached the allotted time. She walked upwards of two miles to pay a visit to a sick neighbor woman and leave a bunch of beautiful flowers of which she was so fond. She identified herself with the Methodist church more than sixty years ago.

(Bureau County Republican, Feb. ?? 1914, submitted by Shirley Beams Simmons)




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