This list is a work-in-progress. If you see that a school is missing or would like to contribute data, I would deeply appreciative of your help. Thank you very much!

  Allen Middle School
  Arlington Elementary School
  Barrett School (historical)
  Basswood Corner School (historical)
  Bauer School (historical)
  Bowen School (historical)
  Buda High School (later called Western H. S.)
  Bunker Hill School (historical)
  Burden School (historical)
  Bureau Township School
  Bureau Valley Elementary School-Manlius
  Bureau Valley Elementary School-Sheffield
  Bureau Valley High School
  Bureau Valley High School
  Bureau Valley North School
  Bureau Valley South School
  Carber School (historical)
  Center Grove School (historical)
  Center School (historical)
  Cherry Grade School
  Church School (historical)
  Condon School (historical)
  Conley School (historical)
  Cook School (historical)
  Corley School (historical)
  Cottage School (historical)
  Cunningham School (historical)
  Dalzell Grade School
  Depue Elementary School
  Depue High School
  Dorr Hill School (historical)
  Douglas Elementary School
  Douglas School (historical)
  Dunn School (historical)
  Evergreen School (historical)
  Farmora School (historical)
  Four Corners School (historical)
  Fox Bend School (historical)
  Franklin School (historical)
  Grant School
  Haley School (historical)
  Hall High School
  Harrington School (historical)
  Hickory Grove School (historical)
  Highland School (historical)
  Hunt School (historical)
  Hunter School (historical)
  Immaculate Conception School
  Jamison School (historical)
  Jefferson Elementary School
  John F Kennedy Elementary School
  Johnson School (historical)
  Johnson School (historical)
  Johnson School (historical)
  Kauffman School (historical)
  Kentville School (historical)
  Kitterman School (historical)
  Kline School (historical)
  Krebs School (historical)
  Kuster School (historical)
  La Moille High School
  Ladd School
  Ladd Community Consolidated School
  Latta School (historical)
  Leepertown Elementary School
  Lincoln School (historical)
  Lincoln Elementary School
  Littlefield School (historical)
  Lloyd School (historical)
  Logan School (historical)
  Malden Grade School
  Manlius High School
  Maple Grove School (historical)
  Marriott School (historical)
  Mason School (historical)
  Meek School (historical)
  Meyers School (historical)
  Miller School (historical)
  Milo Grade School (historical)
  Mineral High School (historical)
  Morris School (historical)
  Neponset Elementary School
  Neponset High School
  Nye School (historical)
  Ohio Community Consolidated Grade School
  Ohio Community High School
  Old Manlius School (historical)
  Pleasant Grove School (historical)
  Pleasant Hill School (historical)
  Pleasant Ridge School (historical)
  Pleasant Valley School (historical)
  Prather School (historical)
  Princeton High School
  Prior School (historical)
  Red Mill School (historical)
  Red School (historical)
  Reid School (historical)
  Ridge School (historical)
  Saint Bede College
  Saint Louis School
  Saint Mary's Polish Academy (historical)
  Sapp School (historical)
  Scott School (historical)
  Sharkey School (historical)
  Shurts School (historical)
  Sisson School (historical)
  Sister School (historical)
  Soverhill School (historical)
  State Road School (historical)
  Stauffer School (historical)
  Sunny Knoll School (historical)
  Swanson School
  Tadpole School (historical)
  Three Bridges School (historical)
  Tiskilwa Elementary School
  Tiskilwa High School
  Trading House School (historical)
  Union School (historical)
  Walnut Grove School (historical)
  Washington Middle School
  White School (historical)
  Whittington School (historical)




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