Canton Township Deaths

The list below is a compilation of people who died in Canton Township but their burial places are unknown.

Information transcribed by Danni Hopkins. Thank you Danni!

ABBOT, Frank (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Dec. 17, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Dec. 18, 1878-5y
s/o Daniel & Amelia Abbott
Obit (Age 7y) Ful. Co. Ledger, 3, Jan. 1879
BALL, Henry (d.c.)
b. Eng.
d. Aug. 17, 1881, Breeds, Il.
burd. Aug. 19, 1881-66y
Res. Il. 20 Yrís
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger, Sept. 9, 1881 {Ledger gives death date as Set. 4, 1881}
BROWN, Alma May (d.c.) Bowen
d. Dec. 14, 1905-26y 11m 14d
d. 5th & Oak St. Canton, Il.
Uncle-Riley Ellsworth
Only child of Mr. & Mrs. David Bowen, both of whom died when Alma was quite young.
Great-Uncle, J. P. Rumsey.
Obit. Dec. 15, 1905 Canton Daily Register
BUGES, Anna (d.c.) (BUGUS)
b. 1890 Hungaria
d. Dec. 13, 1923 Gilchrist, Il.
fa. Paul Tomich b. Hungary
mo. Mary Vinci b. Hungary
w/o Andro Bugus
Left 7 children, age 2 to 15y. Obit Dec. 13, 1923, Canton Daily Register
 BYBEE, May L. (d.c.)
d. Mar. 3, 1905-43y 7m 6d
CARROLL?, Bluford J. S. (d.c.)
d. Apr. 17, 1878-26y
Obit Ful. Co. Ledger, Apr. 19, 1878 Shows Bluferd Corral d. left wife and child
CLARK, Annie (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Nov. 24, 1903
burd. Nov. 26, 1903-13y 0m 2d
COOK, Alice (d.c.)
d. Aug. 17, 1878-24y
COROLAN, Francis Male (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Dec. 20, 1879 Canton, Il.
burd. Dec. 22, 1879-3y 2m 12d
COULIER, Ann (d.c.)
b. (Uriah? Or Oriah?), Ireland
d. Apr. 28, 1879 Fairview Twp., Fulton Co., Il.
burd. Apr. 29, 1879-38y
Res. here 3 yrís
CURLEY, John (d.c.)
b. Pa.
d. May 2, 1904 Canton, Il.
burd. May 3, 1904-92y
DAILY, Bernard Michel (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Aug. 21, 1881 Orion Twp., Ful. Co.
burd. Aug. 22, 1881-16y 10m 19d
2nd s/o Julia Daily
Obit. Sept. 2, 1881 Ful. Co. Ledger
DAILY, Peter (d.c.)
b. Canton, il.
d. Aug. 2, 1878 Canton, Il.
age 1y 2m 10d
s/o Peter & Joanna Daily
obit Aug. 9, 1878 Ful. Co. Ledger
DALTON, Delia Sylina (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Aug. 29, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 30, 1878-0y 4m 1d
d/o James & Anna Dalton
Obit. Sept. 6, 1878 Ful. Co. Ledger
DORRANCE, Jennie Sg. (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Aug. 13, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 14, 1878-19y
Eldest d/o N. F. & E. C. Dorrance
Obit Ful. Co. Ledger Aug. 16, 1878
EGLESTON, George Percy (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. June 4, 1880 Canton,  Il.
burd. June 5, 1880-1y 2m 4d
s/o Wm. O. & Belle Eggleston
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger, June 11, 1880
FEMALE, (d.c.)
d. Feb. 25, 1879 Canton, Il.
Age Ĺ hour
(Note-could be COYKENDALL, infant d. Feb. 25, 1879 d/o H. I. & Kate Coykendall)
FILLINGHAM, Wm. Lee (d.c.)
b. 1890 Canton, Il.
d. Aug. 17, 1906 Canton, Il.
s/o Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fillingham
age 15y 9m 2d
FOUTS, Ella (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Nov. 15, 1880 Canton, Il.
burd. Nov. 17, 1880-4y 3m 10d
FREELAND, Infant Female (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Aug. 7, 1890 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 7, 1890-7hrís
FREILEY, Minerva (d.c.)
b. Il.
d. Aug. 15, 1880 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 16, 1880-25y
GEISSERT, George (d.c.)
b. Germany
d. Sept. 17, 1882 Canton, Il.
burd. Sept. 18, 1882-51y 4m
GLIPSE, Infant Female (d.c.)
b. & d. Sept. 26, 1906-0y 0m 0d
GOSNELL, William (d.c.)
b. Baltimore, Md.
d. July 26, 1886 Canton, Il.
burd. July 28, 1886-74y 8m 1d
HALLER, Mary jane (d.c.)
d. Mar. 5, 1890 Canton, Il.
Age 49y 5m 6d Married
Res. Il. 20 yrís
HALLAR, Sarah J. (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Jan. 24, 1879 Canton, Il.
burd. Jan. 26, 1879-1y 2m 7d
d/o W. B. & Elizabeth Haller
Obit. Fult. Co. Ledger Jan. 31, 1879
HARTER, Ernest G. (d.c.)
b. Ful. Co. Il.
d. Apr. 12, 1879
burd. Apr. 13, 1879-9y 8m 10d
HEISTER, Elizabeth W. Marr. (d.c.)
b. Pa.
d. Oct. 15, 1882 Canton, Il.
age 64y 7m 17d
w/o Joseph Heister
Obit Oct. 19, 1882 Ful. Co. Ledger
HENDERSON, Esther Elizabeth (d.c.)
b. New Hartford, Oneida Co., N. Y.
d. Apr. 30,  1879 Canton, Il.
burd. May 1, 1879-27y 7m
Res. Il. 26 yrís.
Obit. May 2, 1879 Ful. Co. Ledger says age 28y 7m d/o A. F. & E. H. Golden
HENDERSON, William (d.c.)
d. Oct. 14, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Oct. 16, 1878-28y
HOGGETT, Infant Male (d.c.)
b. June 5, 1903 Canton, Il.
d. June 6, 1903 Canton, Il.
fa. Neal Hoggett
HOLVEY, William (d.c.)
b. Johnson Co., Mo.
d. Sept. 8, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Sept. 9, 1878-10y 7m
Res. Il. 3 Yrís
HOULDEN, Sarah (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. June 30, 1880 Breeds, Il.
burd. July 1, 1880-7y 2m 10d
(Obit. June 25, 1880 Ful. Co. Ledger shows a Isabel Holden, d. June 18, 1880
Breeds, Il. age 8y d/o Thomas & Margaret Holden. Margery Holden, bur. St. Maryís Cem. 1914)
INFANT, Twins Female (d.c.)
b. & d. June 30, 1881 Canton, Il.
INFANT, _________ (d.c.)
d. July 7, 1905-1/2 day
d. In Brereton, Il.
INFANT, _______ (d.c.)
d. Oct. 4, 1906 Canton, Il. 6d
JACKSON, Fanny (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. May 29, 1880 Canton, Il.
burd. May 30, 1880-0y 2m
JACOBS, John (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Sept. 26, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Sept. 27, 1878-1d
JACOBS, William Marr. (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Sept. 9, 1896 Canton, Il.
Age 34y 11m 14d
JARNAGAN, Albert Raymond (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Aug. 10, 1895 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 11, 1895-0y 6m 29d
JOHNSON, John J. (d.c.)
b. Mercersburg, Pa.
d. Aug. 18, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 19, 1878-54y
Res. Il. 4 Yrís
KEMPER, George (d.c.)
d. June 26, 1904-72 y (13m?)
KING, Mary Lorinda (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Mar. 20, 1880 Canton, Il.
burd. Mar. 21, 1880-2y 0m 2d
d/o Charles & Mary E. King
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger Mar. 26, 1880
LAIRD, Opal (d.c.)
d. Aug. 25, 1903 Dunfermline, Il.
burd. Aug. 27, 1903-1y 6m
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Nellis Laird
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger Aug. 27, 1903
LANE, George (d.c.)
d. Aug. 20, 1904-80y
LEWIS, Richard E. (d.c.)
b. Buckheart Twp., Ful. Co. Il.
d. Aug. 29, 1878 St. David, Il.
age 1y 4m 19d
LINQUIST, Laura (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Oct. 5, 1903 Canton, Il.
burd. Oct. 8, 1903-30y
McCAUGHEY, True (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Apr. 8, 1879 Canton, Il.
burd. Apr. 9, 1879-2y 9m 12d
s/o John M. & Nancy McCaughey
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger Apr. 11, 1879
McCONNELL, George (d.c.)
b. Green Co., Ohio
d. Aug. 16, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug.17,1878-67y
b. On Little Miami River, 1811
In 1815 w parents, to Knox Co., Ind. marr. Ella Mounts in Ind. Moved to Canton, Il. in 1833
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger Aug. 23, 1878
McMAN, Katherine (d.c.)
b. Il.
d. Dec. 23, 1881 Fairview, Il.
burd. Dec. 25, 1881-22y
McVAY, ______Female (d.c.)
d. Apr. 1, 1890 Canton, Il.
burd. Apr. 3, 1890-0y 1m 14d
MALONEY, Isabella (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. July 30, 1878 Canton,  Il.
burd.Aug. 1, 1878-44y
MEDLEY, Catherine (d.c.)
b. Dayton, Ohio
d. Mar. 14, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Mar. 15, 1878-43y 11m 23d
w/o Henry Medley
Obit. Mar. 22, 1878 Ful. Co. Ledger
MELLER, William (d.c.) (MILLER?)
b. Il.
d. May 1, 1904
burd. May 2, 1904-23y
MIDDLETON, Minnie S. (d.c.)
b. Philadelphia, Pa.
d. Nov. 9, 1879 Canton, Il.
burd. Nov. 11, 1879-26y 6m 12d
w/o Henry C. Middleton
Res. Ill. 6 Yrís
Obit. Nov.14, 1879 Ful. Co. Ledger    
MILLER, Bertha (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Apr. 9, 1887 Canton, Il.
burd. Apr. 10, 1887-age 9d
d/o G. L. & Cora B. Miller
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger Apr. 14, 1887
NELSON, Charles Sg. (d.c.)
b. Sweden
d. Apr. 1, 1905 Canton, Il..
burd. Apr. 2, 1905-60y 1m
NORCOTT, Fred E. (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Mar. 17, 1881 Canton, Il.
burd. Mar. 19, 1881-9d
s/o Wm. B. & Lon. Norcott
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger Mar. 25, 1881
OGDON, Amos (d.c.)
b. Heyward, Lanksher, Eng.
d. Sept. 14, 1882 Canton, il.
burd. Sept. 16, 1882-56y
PATTERSON, Frederick H. (d.c.)
d. Nov. 12, 1878-2y 8m
s/o James & Emma M. Patterson
Obit. Ful. Co. Ledger Nov. 15, 1878
PERRINE, James (d.c.)
b. Ohio
d. may 7, 1879 Canton Twp. Ful.
Burd. May 9, 1879-47y 4m 25d
Res. Il. 37 Yrís
PIERCE, Nancy Mrs. (d.c.)
b. Ohio
d. July 21, 1904 Canton, Il.
burd. July 23, 1904-47y 8m 0d
Obit. Canton Daily Register July 21, 1904 pgís 8 & 5
b. Beaver Co., Pa. Came to Ful. Co. abít age 2. Marr. Frank Pierce, 20 yrís ago. No ch.
1 bro. Solomon McCaskey Canton, Il. maiden name Nancy McCaskey
POLLITT, Burnie L. (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Nov. 10, 1892 Canton, Il.
burd. Nov. 12, 1892=0y 3m 2d
{Records of Danni Monn Hopkins; b. Sep. 8, 1892
s/o Francis Sylvenus Pollitt and Minerva F. Warfield. Burd. Liverpool Cem.}
POORMAN, Isaac (d.c.)
b. Franklin Co., Pa.
d. Aug. 22, 1880 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 1880-68y 8m 10d
Res. Il. 16 Yrís
POWELL, Permeanius Wid. (d.c.)
b. Apr. 5, 1843 N. Y.
d. Mar. 19, 1916 Cass Twp., Ful. Co.
Age 72y 10m 24d
Fa Andrew Powell b. Ohio
Mo Eliza Bigalow b. Conn.
PUTMAN, James (d.c.)
b. Ky.
d. Apr. 11, 1904 Canton, Il.
burd. Apr. 13, 1904-21y
RAWLEY, Eva Marr. (d.c.)
b. Ohio
d. Sept. 16, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Sept. 17, 1878-37y
ROBERTS, Catherine (d.c.)
b. Merthy (Tyduil?) Wales
d. May 12, 1879 Canton, Il.
burd. May 13, 1879-40y 11m 26d
Res. Il. 3 Yrís
w/o William R. Roberts
Obit. May 16, 1879 Ful. Co. Ledger
ROSS, Elizabeth (d.c.)
b. West Virginia
d. Mar. 4, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. Mar. 6, 1878-77y 11m 21d
Maiden name was Smith. Marr. Zedekiah Ross, then to Oh. For 2 yrís, then
To Il. and to Canton, in 1838. hus. D. 6 yrís ago 9 ch. 5 sonís 4 daus./ 6 survive
Obit Mar. 8, 1878 Ful. Co. Ledger
Dau. Miss C. J. Ross
{Records of Danni Monn Hopkins; According to Cem. Inscriptions Vol. 19 Zedekiah Ross was married to Elizabeth Hogen b. N. J. This from death records of son John Wesley}
ROSS, Jessie (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Aug. 2, 1882 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 4, 1882-1y 1m 24d
ROSS, Mary (d.c.)
b. Il.
d. Aug. 10, 1882-Canton Twp., Ful. Co.
burd. Aug. 11, 1882-38y 7m 6d
w/o Benjamin Ross
Obit. Aug. 17, 1882, Canton Weekly Register page 4, Col. 4
SAVILL, Hanna (Anna) (d.c.)
b. Jan. 28, 1812 Saddleworth, Eng.
d. Apr. 28, 1879 Canton, Il.
burd. Apr. 30, 1879-67y 3m
marr. Apr. 1832 Jeremiah Savill
Came to U.S. 1844 & to Canton same year
9 ch. 7 survive
Obit May 2, 1879 Ful. Co. Ledger
SHARP, Patrick (d.c.)
b. Letter, McWerd Co., Donnagel, Ireland
d. Aug. 11, 1878 Seville, Ful. Co.
burd. Aug. 13, 1878-46y
Res. Il. 6 months
SHERWOOD, Hattie Florence (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Mar. 13, 1882 Canton, Il.
burd. Mar. 14, 1882-age 5 hrís
SMITH, Frankie (d.c.)
b. Newark, Essex Co., N. J.
d. Aug. 3, 1878 Canton, Il.
Res. Il. 43 Days
Infant s/o Philo W. & Sarah Catherine Smith
Funeral held Sun. Remains to be taken to Newark, N. J.
Obit. Aug. 9, 1878 Ful. Co. Ledger
SNIVELY, Charley T. (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Aug. 1, 1881 Canton, Il.
burd. Aug. 2, 1881-0y 3m 8d
s/o O. E. Snively
Obit. Aug. 5, 1881 Ful. Co. Ledger
STEWART, Charles M. (d.c.)
b. Hamilton, Butler co., Ohio
d. Feb. 10, 1879 Canton, Il.
burd. Feb. 11, 1879-45y 2m 6d
SVOB, Mary (d.c. (Annie)
d. Aug. 26, 1907 Brereton, Il.
Age 0y 0m 26d
d/o Mr. & Mrs. Frank Svob
Obit. Aug. 27, 1907 Canton Daily Register
Page 5, Col. 4
TADY, Agnes A. (d.c.)
b. Jan. 21, 1916 Il.
d. Apr. 11, 1916 Fairview, Il.
burd. Apr. 12, 1916-0y 2m 12d
fa Guy Tady b. Austria
mo. Jennie Buban b. Austria
Obit. Apr. 15, 1916 Canton Daily ledger
THORP, Charles (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. July 10, 1878 Canton, Il.
burd. July 11, 1878-29y
fa. S. C. Thorp
Struck by Passenger Train
Obit. July 12, 1878 Ful. Co. Ledger
UNDERWOOD, Freddie C. (d.c.)
b. Canton, Il.
d. Dec. 2, 1890 Canton, Il.
burd. Dec. 4, 1890-1y 4m
s/o Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Underwood
Obit. Dec. 4, 1890 Canton Weekly Register
WHITEHOUSE, Mary Elizabeth (d.c.)
b. Fulton Co., Il.
d. Aug. 12, 1878 near Canton, Il.
age 46y 2m
w/o Isaac Underwood
Obit Aug. 16, 1878 Ful. Co. Ledger
d.c. says age 36y 2m
(Isaac Whitehouse bur. Grw. Cem. As well as 2nd wife Hannah.)
YAZEL, Annie Mrs. (d.c.)
b. Ful. Co. Il.
d. Dec. 29, 1877 Canton, Il.
burd Dec. 31, 1877-24y 7m 20d
Obit. Jan. 4, 1878 Ful. Co. Ledger


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