Salem Cemetery


Salem Cemetery is located in Section 16
of Astoria Township. 


Cemetery list transcribed by Danni Hopkins
Thank you Danni!

ATEN, JOHN G.-b. 4 Dec 1811-Brooke Co-W.VA-near Fairview-d. 17 Apr 1888-h/o Mary J. Hall-s/o Wm & Jane (Anderson) Aten

ATEN, JOHHNIE-died Sep 9, 1886-aged 2y 3m 5d-s/o W. H. & O. Aten-NS-ref Pat Knowles

ATEN, MARY J (Hall)-died 27 June 1891-aged 80y 3m 23d-w/o John C. Aten-d/o Robert Hall

ATEN, RICHARD-b. 2 June 1815-Hancock W. VA-d. 30 Aug 1881-h/o Ann Peterson-s/o Wm. & Jane (Anderson) Aten

BABCOCK, OLIVE ANN (Weaver)-b. Aug 22, 1883-d. Nov 7, 1934-d/o Barton & Alverta (Post) Weaver-NS

BAIR, AGNES (Snyder)-b. 27 Mar 1860-d. 12 Dec 1934-w/o Benjamin Bair-ref Pat Knowles

BAIR, BENJAMIN-b. 29 Mar 1846-d. 12 May, 1928-h/o Agnes Snyder-ref Pat Knowles

BAIR, CATHARINE-b. 14 Mar 1821-York Co PA-d. 25 May, 1905-w/o George Bair

BAIR, ELIZABETH (Myers)-b. Apr 15, 1849-PA-d. Mar 7, 1919-d/o George & Elizabeth (Vance?) Myers-w/o Solomon-d.c.-b. 1843-stone reads Elisabeth

BAIR, GEORGE-b. 17 Mar 1819-York Co PA-D. 11 Mar 1904-h/o Catharine

BAIR, GEORGE M.-b. 13 Mar 1874-d. 17 July 1938-h/o Lizzie A.-ref Pat Knowles

BAIR, LIZZIE A.-b. 31 July 1873-d. Nov 1906-w/o George M. Bair-ref Pat Knowles

BAIR, SOLOMAN-b. 5 June 1843-Adams Co PA-d. 16 Jan 1903-h/o Elizabeth

BECK, INFANT FEMALE-died Mar 1, 1908-aged 2m-NS

BEGHTOL, CLARENCE B.-b. 8 June 1896-d. 29 Sep 1897-s/o E. D. & D. K. Beghtol-ref Pat Knowles

BEGHTOL, DORA K.-b. 1875-d. 1951-w/o Edward E. Beghtol-ref Pat Knowles {from Danni's files: b. Sep 28, 1875; parents Elias Bollinger and Frances Royer.}

BENTON, JOHN HENRY-b. June 28, 1849-d. Dec 22, 1822/23-s/o H. J.-h/o Susan Margaret (Bair)

BENTON, SUSAN MARGARET (Bair)-b. 9 Apr 1856-York Co PA-d. 7 Oct 1933-1st w/o Henry Benton-2nd w/o Lincoln Garton

BISBY, MARY J.-died 25 Oct 1864-d/o L. & N. A. Bisby-Levi & Nancy A (Aten) Bisby-ref Pat Knowles

BISBY, NANCY A (Aten)-b. 15 Mar 1846-d. 28 Feb 1881-w/o Levi-d/o John & Mary J (Hall) Aten

BOLEN, MARY-died 13 Nov 1886-aged 72y 6m 5d-w/o Benjamin Bolen-d/o Booth & Phoebe (Wheaton) McCormick

BOLLINGER, ADDIE MAY (Engle)-b. Feb 24, 1868-d. Sep 16, 1922-d/o Isaac & Emma (Smith) Engle-w/o Jacob C.

BOLLINGER, CECILE R.-died 25 Oct 1894-aged 2m 5d-s/o Jacob C. & Addie May (Engle) Bollinger

BOLLINGER, DONAVRON-d. 5 Aug 1896-aged 3m 9d-s/o Jacob C. & Addie May (Engle) Bollinger-NS-ref P. Knowles

BOLLINGER, ELIAS-b. Mar 23, 1836-PA-d.Nov 24, 1907

BOLLINGER, HENRY-b. 28 May 1863-d. 30 Apr 1895 {From Danni's records: s/o Elias Bollinger and Frances Royer}

BOLLINGER, INFANT SON/O Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bollinger-buried on 6 July 1901-article in newspaper about burial-NS-ref P. Knowles

BOLLINGER, JACOB C.-b. Oct 22, 1865-d. Jan 27, 1942-s/o Elias & Fannie (Royer)-h/o Addie May (Engle)

BOLLINGER, JOHN EDWARD-b. 1903-d.1904-buried by John & Nora

BOLLINGER, JOHN W.-b. July 12, 1874-d. Apr 26, 1964-h/o Nora E (McKinley)-s/o John & Mary (Boyd)

BOLLINGER, MARY-born & died Nov 2, 1909-NS-ref d.c.

BOLLINGER, NORA E. (McKinley)-b. Sep 21, 1879-d. Nov 2, 1909-d/o Richard M & Hester T (Engle) McKinley-w/o John W.

BOWMAN, MARY-died 20 Mar 1851-aged 75y

BROCKLEY, FREDDIE-b. 6 Mar 1880-d. 12 July 1880-s/o John & Sophia Brockley on stone with Sophia Brockley

BROCKLEY, INFANT d/o M. B. & C. J. Brockley

BROCKLEY, JOHN-b.___-d. 8 Jan 1901-aged 86y 11d-h/o Sophia

BROCKLEY, LAURA-b. 1896-d. 1914-d/o Thad & Olive Brockley-ref Pat Knowles

BROCKLEY, OLIVE-b. 1870-d. 1953-w/o Thad Brockley-ref Pat Knowles

BROCKLEY, SOPHIA-b. 1 Nov 1836-d. 11 Aug 1888-w/o John Brockley

BROCKLEY, THAD-B. 1860-D. 1934-h/o Olive

BROWN, JOHN H.-d. 30 Sep 1889-0aged 37y 11m 6d-s/o Jackson L. & Nancy (Grewel) Brown

BROWN, MARY E.-b. 20 Oct 1862-McDonough Co IL-d. 15 June 1890-w/o G. W. Brown-NS

BROWN, PEARL-b. 11 Feb 1872-Astoria-d. 14 July 1944-w/o George Washington Brown-d/o George W. & Mary Ellen (McKinley) Severns-NS-ref P. Knowles

CAMP, EDITH MARGARET-died Jan 14, 1905-aged 1m 21d-d/o Alva & Anna

CARTER, DANIEL O.-b. 7 July 1818-d. 16 Jan 1888

CASSELL, EMANUEL-died Mar 25, 1857-aged 1m 24d-s/o D. & M.

CHOCKLEY, ATLANTA-b. 1891-d. 1971-w/o Paris E. Chockley

CHOCKLEY, JULIA C.-b. 1914-d. 1985-w/o Marvin E. Chockley-d/o Lemard & Myrtle L. (Dye) Mc Kinley-ref Pat Kowles

CHOCKLEY, MARCIA-b. 1850-d. 1899-w/o Watson Chockley

CHOCKLEY, MARVIN E.-b. 1907-d. 1954-h/o Julia C. McKinley-ref P. Knowles

CHOCKLEY, MARY LOU-b. 27 Feb 1956-d. 28 Feb 1956

CHOCKLEY, MELINDA-d. Feb 15, 1906-aged 55y 5m 22d-NS

CHOCKLEY, PARIS E.-b. 1888-d. 1950-h/o Atlanta

CHOCKLEY, WATSON-b. 1846-d. 1884-h/o Marcia

CLIFFORD, CARL-d. Apr 9, 1906-aged 5y 28d-NS

CRAMER, CARL E.-b. 1899-d. 1899-s/o G. E. & L. E.

CRAMER, CAROLINE-b. 25 Oct 1879-d.___-w/o Dr. Roland Cramer

CRAMER, FRANCES EUGENIE (Kirkham)-d. b. 25 Apr 1868-near Frederick Schuyler Co IL-d. 23 Nov 1966-w/o 1. John C. Cramer-w/o 2, George Daniels-d/o Henry & Clara Ann (Ren) Kirkham

CRMER, JOHN C.-b. 25 Apr 1862-near Astoria-d. 27 Oct 1938-s/o Lewis & Nancy (Downen) Cramer-h/o Frances Eugenie Kirkham

CRAMER, LEWIS-b. 30 May 1827-Knox Co OH-d. 19 June 1902-h/o Nancy (Downen)-s/o Samuel & Elizabeth

CRAMER, NANCY (Downen)-b. 12 Apr 1830-d. 26 Jan 1892-w.o Lewis Cramer-d/o Josiah Downen

CRAMER, ROLAND-Doctor-b. 25 Oct 1871-d. 3 June 1913-h/o Caroline

CURLESS, LUTITIA ANN (McKinley)-b. Dec 11, 1861-d. July 20, 1912-d/o Alex McKinley-NS

DANNER, CLARA A.-b. 1891-d.1985-w/o Clarence C.

DANNER, CLARENCE C.-b. mar 19, 1885-d. Mar 8, 1942-h/o Clara A (Haare)-md 1913-s/o Jacob & Hannah Mary (Thompson)

DANNER CONRAD R.-b. 14 Oct 1876-near Astoria-d. 18 Mar 1962-h/o Nora O. (Pittenger)-s/o Henry & Margaret (Rudisill) Danner-ref obit

DANNER, CORA-died 12 Dec 1886-aged 3y 1m 6d-d/o Jacob & Mary Danner-NS

DANNER, HANNAH MARY (Thompson)-b. Jan 27, 1855-PA-d. Aug 28, 1919-d/o Lewis & Sarah Ann (Mercer) Thompson-w/o Jacob

DANNER, INFANT CHILD-/o J. & H. Danner-died 18 Aug 1874

DANNER, JACOB-b. 3 May 1849-Dayton OH-d. 14 Nov 1898-h/o Hannah Mary (Thompson)-s/o Jacob & Catherine (Stambaugh) Danner-NS

DANNER, NORA O. (Pettenger)-b. 1872-d. 1935-w/o Conrad R. Danner

DANNER, ROSALIE-b. June 8, 1876-d. Mar 29, 1908

DERRY, EMMA (Horner)-b. 23 Oct 1859-Canton H-d. 16 Jan 1889-w/o Joseph Powers Derry-Removed from Summum Cemetery where first buried-ref Pat Knowles-NS

DERRY, GEORGE W.-died 11 May 1869-aged 8d-s/o Nicholas & Mildred M. (Anderson) Derry-2 stones-1 with parents-ref Pat Knowles

DERRY, INFANT SON-died 11 Sep 1871-s/o Nicholas & Mildred M (Anderson) Derry-2 stones-1 with parents-ref Pat Knowles

DERRY, JACOB-b. 16 Sep 1812-Loudon Co VA-d. 15 Sep 1883-h/o Mary Ann Sarah Baggett-s/o Wm & Barbara (Ross) Derry-ref Pat Knowles & Dwight Eddington

DERRY, MILDRED M (Anderson)-died 11 May 1887-aged 60y 17d-per obit-d. 11 Apr and b. in KY-w/o Nicholas Derry-ref P. Knowles

DERRY NICHOLAS-b. 31 April 1826-d. 21 Mar 1887-b. Loudon Co VA-w/o Wm & Barbara (Ross) Derry-h/o Mildred M. Anderson-ref P. Knowles

DERRY, SARAH A (Mary Ann Sarah)-b. 20 Sep 1808-near Alexandria VA-d. 21 Sep 1890-w/o Jacob Derry-d/o Townsend & ?? (Howard) Baggett

DERRY, VADA FAYE-b. 14 June 1897-d. 28 Oct 1900-d/o David Henry & Mry Viola (Huckleby) Derry-NS

DERRY, WILLIAM HENRY-b. Nov 4, 1841-Freeport, Harrison Co OH-d. 2 Jan 1903-h/o Martha Jane Dennison-s/o John D. & Bethia (Wharton) Derry-P. Knowles-NS

DEWITT, HENRY-b. 10 Feb 1839-d. 8 June 1859-s/o Francis & Mariah DeWitt-Pat Knowles

ENGLE, ARCADA L.-b. 1873-d. 1935-w/o Josiah D. Engle-ref P. Knowles

ENGLE, CYNTHIA A (Powell)-b. 10 Mar 1812-d. 10 Jan 1900-w/o Isaac Engle-ref Chapman’s History of Fulton County {From Danni's files: d/o Joseph and Sarah Alkire Powell}

ENGLE, EMMA (Russom)-b. 19 Nov 1849-d. 25 May 1908

ENGLE, JOSIAH D.-b. 1864-d. 1934 h/o Arcada L.-ref Pat Knowles

ENGLE, MICHAEL J.-b/ 24 Dec 1825-d. 9 Nov 1897-h/o Rebecca-ref Pat Knowles

ENGLE, REBECCA-b. 8 Aug 1828-d. 30 July 1893-w/o Michael J.-ref Pat Knowles

ESTES, ANNA-b. KY-d. Dec 1, 1878-aged 71y-NS

ESTES, LEWIS-b. TN-d. Dec 14, 18780aged 74y-NS

EWING, ASBURY-b. 1863-d. 1894-s/o Charles Wesley & Mary Elizabeth Ewing-ref Pat Knowles

EWING, MARY ELIZABETH-b. 1842-d. 1914-w/o Charles Wesley Ewing-ref Pat Knowles

EWING, NANCY A.-died 21 Feb 1866-aged 65y

FAWCETT, PHEBE J.-died 10 Mar 1899-aged 46y 9m 24d-2/o Charles M. Fawcett-Stone is down and partially buried next to wrought iron fence

FOSTER, EDWARD BENJAMIN-b. 25 Aug 1847 OH-d. 18 Mar 1938-h/o Lozerba F. Fry-s/o Edward & Mary (Mercer) Foster-ref obit

FOSTER, FLORA VENNA (Palmer)-b. Sep 27, 1858-d. Aug 22, 1927-d/o S. R. D. & Elizabeth (Dearth) Palmer-w/o Geo. W.-NS

FOSTER, GEORGE WASHINGTON-b. Jan 11, 1856-d. Aug 26, 1941-s/o Eddie B. & Mary (Mercer)-h/o Flora (Palmer)-NS

FOSTER, GRACE ZELMA-b. 11 Oct 1893-d. 22 Sep 1909-d/o George W. & Flora (Palmer) Foster-NS

FOSTER, INFANT SON-died 8 Feb 1876-d/o G. W. & E. G. Foster-ref P. Knowles

FOSTER, INFANT SON-b. 23 Oct 1884-d. 23 Oct 1884-s/o Edward Benjamin & Lozerba F (Fry)-ref Pat Knowles

FOSTER, LOZERBA F (Fry)-b. 1848-d. 12 Dec 1912-w/o Edward Benjamin Foster

FOSTER, MARY (Mercer)-died 12 Nov 1859-aged 34y 11m 7d-w/o Edward Foster

FRY, ALVA P.-b. 15 Apr 1899-d. 1 Sep 1899-s/o O. B. & Luella Fry

FRY, ANDREW-b. PA-d. 5 June 1879-aged 82y 11m 11d-h/o Susannah Cramer-s/o Oliver P. & ? (Cox) Fry

FRY, ELLA D.-25 Dec 1877-aged 19y 5m 10d-d/o O. P. & L. Fry

FRY, ETHEL-died 14 July 1890-aged 4y 11m 17d-d/o C. D. & N. A. Fry

FRY, LUELLA-died 1 Mar 1904-aged 32y 4m 6d-w/o E. B. Fry

FRY, LUEZER-“Lucy” (Clark)-died 25 June 1869-aged 43y 6m 10d-w.o O. P. Fry-d/o Dr. E. Clark

FRY, OLIVER P.-died 26 Nov 1884-b. 18 Feb 1824-Coshocton Co Oh-s/o Andrew & Susanna (Cramer) Fry-h/o Luezer

FRY, SUSANNAH (Cramer)-died 10 Feb 1875-aged 84y 11m 3d-w/o Andrew Fry

FRY, ZELMA-d. 5 Mar 1897-aged 3y 1m 3d-d/o C. D. & N. A. Fry

GAL?HER, MARY-died 21 Jan 1873-aged 45y 9m 25d

GARRETT, SUSAN-died 5 Apr 1879-w/o J. S. Garrett

GASTON, SUSAN MARGARET (Bair)-b. Apr 7, 1856 York Co PA-d. Oct 7, 1933-d/o George Bair-h/o Lincoln-NS

GAY, JEPHTHAH E.-b. 25 June 1883-d. 12 Apr 1905-s/o E. W. L. & Lucretia Gay-ref Pat Knowles

GAY, LUCRETIA-b. 15 Feb 1841-d. 9 Nov 1925-w/o E. W. L. Gay

GEER, JAMES A.-b. 1- Feb 1837-near Browning Schuyler Co IL-d. 24 Nov 1912-h/o #1 Margaret A (Edgar)-#2 Mrs. Susan Clemens-s/o Dyer & Anna Geer

GEER, MARGARET A (Edgar)-b. 17 Dec 1833-d. 23 Nov 1899-w/o James A. Geer

GEER, SUSAN C.-b. 14 Sep 1836 OH-d. 17 Oct 1905-w/o James A.-NS

GORSAGE, MARY I-b. 1876-d. 1960-w/o William H.-ref P. Kowles

GORSAGE, WILLIAM H.-b. 1878-d. 1953-h/o Mary I.

GRUBBS, CHRISTINA E.-died 12 Oct 1890-aged 33y 2m 10d

GUILLIAMS, CLARENCE-b. 14 Feb 1921-d._________s/o John Richard & Pansy P. (Bankes)_ Guilliams-ref P. Knowles {From Danni's files: Mother Pansy Pearl; Clarence Charles died 21 Mar 1988-h/o Geraldine Hitz}

GUILLIAMS, JOHN RICHARD-b. 19 June 1894-d. 19 Jan 1981-h/o Pansy P. Bankes-s/o Jacob & Delilah (McNeil) Guilliams-ref obit & P. Knowles

GUILLIAMS, PANSY P. (Bankes)-b. 9 Feb 1898-d. 27 Dec 1976-w/o John Richard Guilliams-d/o Charles & Mae (McKinley) Bankes-ref obit & P. Knowles. {From Danni's records: Mother was Lydia May McKinley}

HANEY, CHARLES EVERETT-died 7 May 1890-aged 7m 27d-s/o J. S. & A. Haney

HANEY, INFANT SON-b. 17 Mar 1898-d. 20 Mar 1898-s/o Earl Haney

HANEY, RACHEL J.-d/o Lewis & Ann Haney

HANEY, SAMUEL E.-b. 14 Jan 1902-d. 10 Jan 1908-s/o Earl Haney

HASTING, ELIZABETH E.-died 4 July 1866-ages 1y 4m 8d-d/o Basil & Lucretia Hasting-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, EDNA-b. 1868-d. 1868-d/o Samuel & Mary (Landes) Heath-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, HENRY-died 18 June 1885-aged 77y 6m 21d-h/o Lucinda-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, JAMES HUNTER-died 24 Dec 1863-ages 26y 6d-s/o H. & L. Heath-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, LUCINDA-d. 24 Nov 1884-aged 68y 8m 22d-w/o Henry Heath-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, MARY (Landes)-b. 27 Aug 1841-d. 26 Mar 1915-w/o Samuel Heath-d/o Henry & Susan (Deems) Landis

HEATH, ORLIE E.-b. 1881-d. 1881-s/o Samuel & Mary (Landes) Heath-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, SAMUEL-b. 19 Dec 1833-Alleghany Co PA-d. 5 June 1918-h/o Mary (Landes)-s/o William & Sarah (Dean)

HEATH, SAMUEL H.-born & died 1865-s/o Samuel & Mary (Landes)-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, SARAH A.-died 29 Jan 1885-ages 77y 9m 6d-w/o Wm Heath-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, VICTOR C.-born & died 1878-s/o Samuel & Mary (Landes) Heath-ref P. Knowles

HEATH, WILLIAM-d. 2 Aug 1873-aged 73y 27d-h/o Sarah A.-ref P. Knowles

HEFLING, JOHN S.-d. 10 July 1868-aged 61y 1m 25d

HEFLING, MALONA E.-d. 29 Mar 1870-aged 26y 1m 8d-w/o C. B. Hefling

HEISAY, SAMUEL B.-d. 1 Aug 1853-aged 26y 2m 13d

HENDERSON, ALLICE E.-d. 22 July 185?-aged 1m 2d-stone broken & badly worn-d/o Jas. & H. M. Henderson-ref P. Knowles

HENDERSON, IDA BELL-d. 7 Jan 1863-aged 2y 1m-d/o J. & H Henderson

HENDERSON, OLIVER-d. Aug 26, 1859-aged 2m 1d-s/o Jas. & H. M. Henderson-on same stone as Allice E. Henderson-stone badly worn

HETTRICK, GLENN A.-b. 8 Dec 1901-d. 4 July 193-s/o Wm & Annie

HIBBS, CALEB W.-b. 14 Mar 1821-d. 21 May 1877

HIBBS, JOHN A.-d. 18 Sep 186?-aged 2m 12d-s/o C. W. & S. Hibbs-stone broken

HOFFEE, CHARLES L.-b._______d. 18 Nov 1889-aged in cement-s/o L. H. & S. D. Hoffee

HOLLISTER, HANNAH-d. 3 Jan 1883-aged 85y 4m 26d

JOHNSON, A. T.-dates on stone in cement-MILITARY STONE: CO B 51st ILL INF.

JOHNSON, MARY (Hefling)-b. 22 July 1833-d. 29 June 1901

KOST, INFANT-d/8 July 1854-aged 18d-s/o G. C. & S. Kost

LAMPRELL, PERMELIA-19 Sep 1854-only-on stone with the Planks

LAMPRELL, WILLIAM-b. 16 May 1834-Kent England-d. 4 Jan 1911-h/o Angeline Brown-s/o Thomas

LARK, ROSE ELMY-d. 11 Aug 1874-aged 7m 6d-d/o W. & C. Lark

LARK, WILLIAM-died 12 July 1874-aged 32y 11m 1d

LEE, ELIZA- D. 29 Oct 1856-aged 23y 1m 25d-d/o S. & S. Lee

LINDSEY, GARNET M.-b. 1908-d._________w/ Mervin M.

LINDSEY, MERVIN MARSHALL-b. Oct 27, 1907-d. June 7, 1967-h/o Garnet M.-s/o Luther & Mary (Shelly) World War II

LONG, ALCINDA I-d. 29 Aug 1851-aged 11m 15d-d/o J. & M. A. K. Long

LOW, ELIZA J.-died 7 Oct 1867-aged 29y 1m 29d-2/o T. Low

LOW, GEORGE E.-d. 22 Jan 1859-aged 1y 3m 22d-s/o C. W. & R. A. Low

LOWE, REBECCA ANN (Parrish)-b. 18 Aug 1835-Knox Co OH-d. 4 Nov 1891-w/o Wm C.-d/o Samuel Parrish-ND-ref Pat Knowles-Canton IL

LOWE, WILLIAM-died Jan 11, 1879-aged 49y-NS

LUDLUM, FAY R. (Lybarger)-b. 23 Oct 1894-d. 11 Jan1976-w/o Frank H.-d.o Elmer & Susan Margaret (Nebergall) Lybarger

LYBARGER, ANDREW D-d. 9 Mar 1855-aged 9y 7m 9d-s/o Solomon & Roseannah (Frey)-ref P. Knowles

LYBARGER, ANNA (Huff)-b. 23 July 1870-Schuyler Co IL-d. 24 Dec 1933-w/o Edward-d/o John & Jennie (Hollingsworth) Huff

LYBARGER, EDNA MAY-b. 1887-d.1946

LYBARGER, EDWIN-b. 1865-d. 1938-h/o Anna (Huff)

LYBARGER, ELMER-b. 1854-d. 11 Jan 1937-aged 82y 8m 26d-h/o Susan Margaret (Nebergall)-s/o Solomon & Rosannah (Frey)

LYBARGER, MARY-d. 15 Sep 1866-aged 1y 6m 12e-d/o Solomon & Roseannah (Frey)-ref P. Knowles

LYBARGER, RILEY-d. 1 Aug 1903-aged 23y 10m 8d-s/o Elmer & Susan (Margaret Nebergall) Lybarger-ref Pat Knowles Canton IL

LYBARGER, ROSANNAH (Frye)-b. 6 Dec 1826-d. 11 Jan 1905-w/o Solom G.

LYBARGER, SOLOMON G.-b. 5 Aug 1820 Knox Co OH-d. 19 May 1905-h/o Roseannah Frey-s/o Daniel & Anna (Geary) Lybarger

LYBARGER, SUSAN MARGARET (Nebergall)-b. Aug 5, 1853-d. Jan 14, 1936-w/o Elmer-d/o Adam & Rosannah (Lutz) Nebergall

MAGOWAN, JOSEPH-b. 1830-d. 1914-h/o Susan

MAGOWAN, SUSAN-died 8 July 1882-aged 55y 8m 23d-w/o Joseph

MERCER, GEORGE N.-d. 23 Oct 1864-aged 23y 18d-Military Stone-SGT CO C 36 REG ILL VOL

MEREDITH, CATHERINE A (Lybarger)-no dates-w/o Dr. B. A. Meredith

MUCK, WILLIAM J.-d. 18 Mar 1871-aged 28y 7m-h/o Caroline

MC CARTNEY, ELIZABETH-d. May 31, 1863-w/o J.

MC CARTNEY, JAMES-b. 16 Mar 1787-d. 30 Apr 1874-h/o Elizabeth

MC CORMICK, ADAH FERN (Bankes)-b. 14 Mar 1904-d. 30 Dec 1971-w/o Vern R.-md Mar 16, 1920-d/o Charles & Mary L. “Mae” (McKinley) Bankes-ref P. Knowles-NS

MC CORMICK, ALMEDIA ADELLA (Wilson)-b. 31 Dec 1861-d. 24 June 1950-w/o Finley-d/o Jephthah & Lucy Adella (Hollister) Wilson

MC CORMICK, ANN (Hogsett)-b. 21 Feb 1824-d. 2 Oct 1897-w/o Finley McCormick

MC CORMICK, DORIS JEAN-born & died 1 Sep 1938-d/o Verne & Ada (Bankes)

MC CORMICK, EBERERT F.-d. 1 Mar 1900-aged 8y 6m 16d-s/o R. F. & L. E. McCormick

MC CORMICK, ELIZABETH (Hogsett)-d. 25 Aug 1889-aged 71y 1m 14d-w/o H. McCormick

MC CORMICK, ERVEN-b. 18 May 1848-d. 24 Nov 1880

MC CORMICK, ETHEL-b. 3 July 1885-d. 6 J---1900

MC CORMICK, FERN M (Derry)-b. Oct 18, 1896-d. Sep 24, 1945-w/o Ralph Cleveland McCormick-d/o Wm. H. & Carrie B (Beam) Derry

MC CORMICK, FINLEY-b. 13 Oct 1823-Fayette Co PA-d. 16 May1910-h/o Ann (Hogsett)-s/o Booth & Phoebe (Wheaton)

MC CORMICK, HARVY-b. 30 Apr 1819-Fauette Co PA-d. 29 Oct 1895-h/o Elizabeth (Hogsett)-s/o Booth & Phoebe (Wheaton)

MC CORMICK, MARY A.-d. 30 Oct 1862-aged 2 weeks 2 days-d/o L. D. & S. J.

MC CORMICK, PHEBE (Wheaton)-d. 10 Oct 1862-aged 80y-w/o Booth McCormick

MC CORMICK, RALPH CLEVELAND-b. 22 Apr 1894-d. 27 Feb 1970-h/o Fern M (Derry)-s/o Finley & Rebecca (Bollinger)

MC CORMICK, REBECCA (Bollinger)-b. 28 Dec 1866-d. 28 Mar 1910-d/o Elias & Fannie (Royer) Bollinger-w/o Finley Mc Cormick

MC CORMICK, ROBERT FINLEY-b. 8 Feb 1853-d. 15 Jan 1935-h/o Rebecca (Bollinger)-h/o #2 Almedia Adella (Wilson)-s/o Harvey & Elizabeth (Hogshead)

MC KINLEY, DAN-died Oct 20, 1904-aged 7m 1d-NS

MC KINLEY, HESTER T (Engle)-b. 1 Apr 1856-d. 10 July 1912-w/o Richard M.-d/o Isaac & Matilda (Dody) Engle

MC KINLEY, INFANT-b. Feb 18, 1914-d. Feb 26, 1914-d/o John & Lucy (Irwin)-NS

MC KINLEY, JOHN B.-b. 18 Dec 1877-d. 21 July 1959-h/o #1 Lucy Jane (Irwin)-d/o #2 Nettie (Hitz)-s/o Richard M & Hester T (Engle)

MC KINLEY, RICHARD M.-b. Apr 9, 1853-d. Nov 18, 1927-s/o Alexander & Lydia (Facett)-h/o Hester T (Engle)-ref. P. Knowles

MC KINLEY, RICHARD LEE-b. Oct 29, 1919-d. Mar 24, 1920-s/o John & Lucy (Irwin)-NS

MC VEIGH, AMERICUS-b. 10 Apr 1830-d. 8 June 1910

NEBERGALL, ADAM-died 14 Feb 1877-aged 72y 9m 1d-h/o Rosanna

NEBERGALL, ROSANNA-d. 28 Aug 1880-aged 73y 4m 28d-w/o Adam

NICHOLAS, AURILLA D.-d. 13 Sep 1867-d/o J. E. & G. E. Nicholas

PALMER, INFANT-buried 4 Sep 1901-infant/o Mr. & Mrs. George Palmer-ref P. Knowles-NS

PALMER, INFANT-4 Sep 1908-infant/o Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Palmer-ref as above-NS

PALMER, LEWIS ROSS-b. Mar 13, 1866-d. Feb. 19 1928-s/o S.R.D. Palmer-h/o Sarah P. (Danner)-NS

PALMER, MARY ELIZABETH (Dearth)-b. 14 Feb 1841 Uniontown PA-d./ 12 Mar 1917-w/o Stephen Randolph Douglas Palmer-ref Donna Van Geisen-NS

PALMER, SARAH TRONE (Danner)-b. 16 Apr 1872-d. 27 June 1951-w/o Ross Palmer-d/o Henry & Katherine (Trone) Danner-NS

PALMER, STEPHEN RANDOLPH DOUGLAS-b. 19 Jan 1837 New Salem PA-d. 18 Jan 1912-ref Donna Van Geisen-NS-ref Pat Knowles

PARRISH, ASBURY-b. 30 June 1839 Knox Co OH-d. 3 Jan 1920-w/o Mariah Ellen (Derry)-s/o Samuel & Elizabeth (C0chran)

PARRISH, CHILD/o JN & MA-born or died May 30, 1859-aged 8y 5m 14d-stone buried under stone of Phebe Fawcett-by fence

PARRISH, CRAIMER? C.-s/o JN & MA Parrish-rest in cement

PARRISH, EFFIE E.-d. 2 May 1884-aged 18y 3m-d/o Jesse & Sarah Parrish

PARRISH, ELIZABETH-d. 22 Aug 1854-aged 11y 9m 24d-d/o S. Parrish

PARRISH, EVA JANE-d. 2 Oct 1862-d/o J. N. & M. A. Parrish

PARRISH, JESSE-b. 23 Feb 1837-d. 7 Mar 1881

PARRISH, MARIAH ELLEN (Derry)-b. 28 June 1844 OH-d. 24 Nov 1907-w/o Asbury-d/o Jacob & Mary Ann Sarah (Baggett) Derry-ref. P. Knowles

PARRISH, SARAH S.-d. 6 Apr 1870-aged 27y 4m 2d-w/o J. Parrish

PEARSON, ELIZA J (Cramer)-b. July 29, 1851-d. Mar 2, 1925-d/o Lewis & Nancy (Donning) Cramer-w/o Green Smith Pearson-NS

PEARSON, HENRY “Hank”-b. 29 Oct 1880 Rushville Schuyler Co IL-d. 30 July 1910-h/o ?? Vance-s/o George & Cora (Shawgo) Pearson-NS

PERISH (PARRISH), MARO A.-b. 4 Mar 1875-d. 3 Mar 1878-aged 3y-s/o Asbury & Mariah Ellen (Derry) Parrish-ref P. Knowles

PHILLIPS, JOHN S.-d. 15 May 1867-aged 24y 11m

PHILLIPS, SARAH E.-d. 4 Dec 1862-aged 6d-d/o S. & M. E. Phillips

PIERSON, IRENE A.-d. 4 Jan 1874-aged 22y 8m 22d-w/o T. Pierson-ref P. Knowles

PITTENGER, ABRAHAM LINCOLN-b. 15 May 1862-d. 12 Dec 1937-Peter & Tabitha (Walters)-h/o Susan Rebecca (Johnson)

PITTENGER, JAY C.-b. 1891-d.1906-on stone with Ladora Pittenger

PITTENGER, LADORA B.-b. 1869-d. 1894

PITTENGER, MERLE MCKINLEY-b. Sept 20, 1898-d. Oct 1, 1939-s/o Abraham & Susan (Johnson)

PITTENGER, PETER-b. 1815 VA-d. 30 Aug 1887-aged 72y 5m 24d-h/o Tabitha (Walters)-NS

PITTENGER, SARAH C.-d. 25 Jan 1869-aged 9y 4m 3d-d/o Peter & Tabitha Pittenger-ref P. Knowles

PITTENGER, SUSAN REBECCA (Johnson)-b. Sep 25, 1864-d. Apr 23, 1943-w/o Abraham Lincoln Pittenger-d/o Benjamin & Sarah (Hunter) Johnson

PITTENGER, TABITHA D. (Walters)-b. 3 Oct 1824-d. 15 Feb 1907-w/o Peter Pittenger

PLANK, ED-Funeral Home Marker only

PLANK, EDWARD EDGAR-b. May 3, 1880-d. May 14, 1963-s/o Martin Van Buren & Margaret (Keeran) Plank

PLANK, ELSIE MABLE (Lamprell)-b. Oct 20, 1880-d. Nov 1, 1932-d/o W & Pernellia (Brown) Lamprell

PLANK, EVA ROSETTA-b. 18 Sep 1866-d. 18 Feb 1868-d/o Martin V. & Margaret J. (Keeran) Plank-ref P. Knowles

PLANK, MACK-b. 1866-d. 1929

PLANK, MARGARET JANE (Keeran)-b. Dec 10, 1841-d. Dec 29, 1918-d/o Thomas & Lettia (McKinley) Keeran-w.o Martin V.

PLANK, MARTIN V.-b. 10 Dec 1841-d. 21 Feb 1907-h/o Margaret J (Keeran)-s/o Henry & Maria (Keeran) Plank-PVT CO H 85 ILL VOL CW

PLANK, RUSSELL-b. May 24, 1908-s/o Edw & Elsie Plank

PLANK, SUSAN-b. 29 Sep 1874-d. 1 Oct 1881/82-d/0 Martin V. & Margaret J. (Keerans) Plank

PLANK, THOMAS MCHENRY-b. June 6, 1866-d. July 2, 1929-s/o Martin M. & Margaret (Kerans)-h/o Etta-NS

POLLOCK, ELIZABETH-d. 27 Apr 1882-aged 57y 14d

RAKESTRAW, EDITH JANE (Renner)-b. 22 July 1862-d. 1909-w/o Thomas W. Rakestraw-d/0 William & Rebecca (Covington) Renner-ref. P. Knowles

RAKESTRAW, THOMAS WILSON-b. June 25, 1858 OH-d. Oct 15, 1942-h/o Edith Jane (Renner)-s/o Wilson & Phebe (Smith)

RANDALL, ANNA-b. 1872-d. 1908-w/o J. Randall-d/o Martin V. & Margaret J (Keeran) Plank

RANDALL, MARTIN B.-b. 1902-d. 1930-on same stone with Anna (Plank) Randall

RANDOLPH, GARDNER-s/o H. S. & J. Randolph

RANDOLPH, HENRY-d. 2 Dec 1857-aged 32y 9m

RANDOLPH, JANE-d. 7 Aug 1857-w/o H. S. Randolph

RANDOLPH, MARY A –b. 16 Jan 1865-aged 19y 6m 3d-d/o T. F. & A. E. Randolph

RANDOLPH, WILLIE-s/o H. S. & J. Randolph

RENNER, ALICE-b. 1865-d. 1928-w/o Henry Renner

RENNER, ANNA-d. 6 Mar 1898-agd 2y 6m 15d-d/o H. & A. Renner

RENNER, CARL CLIFTON-b. 11 Mar 1901-d. 9 Apr 1906-aged 5y 28d-s/o Henry & Alice Renner

RENNER, CHARLES-b. Mar 22, 1875-d. 7 Nov 1915-s/o Ephraim & Margaret A.-h/o Rittie (Lybarger)-md Nov 22, 1903

RENNER, EFFIE-b. Mar 19, 1897-d. Mar 31, 1945-d/o Henry & Sarah A. (Lybarger) Renner

RENNER, ELIZABETH A.-b. 29 July 1835-d. 10 Apr 1902

RENNER, HENRY-b. Mar 3, 1955-d./ Apr 9, 1924-s/o Wm & Rebecca (Covington) Renner-h/o Alice (Lybarger)-md Nov 5, 1893-Nelda Ellsworth

RENNER, INFANT Dau/o William & Rebecca Renner-no dates

RENNER, INFANT Son/o William & Rebecca Renner-no dates

RENNER, INFANT Son/o C. & R. Renner

RENNER, MARGARET K.-b. Jan 29, 1866-d. Dec 28, 1946-d/o William & Rebecca (Covington) Renner-Nelda Ellsworth

RENNER, REBECCA (Covington)-b. 24 Sep 1823-d. 15 May 1896-w/o Wm Renner-ref Nelda Ellsworth

RENNER, RITTA (Lybarger)-b. 14 Aug 1882-d. 9 Apr 1940-w.o Charles-md 11-22-1903

RENNER, SARAH ALICE (Lybarger)-b. Aug 9, 1865-d. Sep 9, 1928-d/o Daniel & Martha (Hill) Lybarger-w/o Henry-md Nov 5, 1893-NS

RENNER, WILLIAM-b. 22 Feb 1821-d. 15 Aug 1893-s/o Daniel & Lydia (Frey) Renner-h/o Rebecca (Covington) Renner-ref Nelda Ellsworth

RICHARDS, SARAH-d. 22 Sep 1866-aged 40y 3m-w/o John V. Richards

ROCKWELL, ALBERT JOSEPH-b. Mar 16, 1854 Knox Co OH-d. Apr 30 1932-s.o Daniel & Elizabeth (Ewing)-h/o Elizabeth-NS

ROCKWELL, CLAUDIA E.-b. 1886-d. 1958-w/o D. Irvin Rockwell

ROCKWELL, DANIEL IRVIN-b. Oct 3, 1879-d. July 11, 1931-h/o Claudia E.-s/o Albert & Mary (Carter)

ROCKWELL, DOROTHY L.-b. 1911-d. 1912-d/o D. Irvin & Claudia E. Rockwell

ROCKWELL, INFANT SON/o Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Rockwell-b & d April 5, 1902-1 hr. old-NS

ROCKWELL, MARY E.-b. Fayette Co PA-d. May 12, 1907-aged 52y 8m 1d

RUSSOM, EMMA (see Engle)-died July 30, 1908-aged 62y 3m-NS

SAYRS, FRANCIS MARION-b. 20 July 1845-d. 16 Sep 1924-h/o Huldah Catherine (Derry)-s/o Jonathan & Martha (Medley) Sayrs-ref P. Knowles

SAYRS, HULDAH CATHERINE (Derry)-b. 28 Aug 1848-d. 13 Aug 1905-w/o Francis Marion Sayrs-d/o Nicholas & Mildred M (Anderson) Derry-ref P. Knowles

SCHISLER, DANIEL-d. 23 Oct 1861-aged 8d-s/o G. & S. Schisler

SCHISLER, DAVID-d. 23 Oct 1861-aged 8d-s/o G. & S. Schisler

SCHISLER, JESSIAH-d. 22 Aug 1864-s/o G. & S. Schisler

SCHISLER, MARIA-d/ 16 Oct 1865-d/o G. & S. Schisler

SCHISLER, MARY-d. 16 Oct 1865-d/o G. & S. Schisler

SCHISLER, SAMUEL-d. 15 Oct 1860-s/o G. S. & S. Schisler

SEARS, ANNIE F (Foster)-b. Oct 23, 1884-d. Oct 18, 1966-d/o Edward Benj. & Lozerba (Fry) Foster

SEARS, MABLE-b. 12 Sep 1906-d. 21 Mar 1907-aged 6m 3d-d/o R. C. & A. Sears

SEVERNS, GEORGE WASHINGTON-b. 1 Bef 1847-d. 20 Oct 1920-h/o #1 Mary Ellen (McKinley)-h/o #2 Lucinda “Lucy” (Harris)-s/o Martin & Catherine (Salisbury)-ref P. Knowles-NS

SEVERNS, MARY ELLEN (McKinley)-b. 31 Jan 1841-d. 13 Dec 1891-w/o Geo. Washington Severns-d/o Alexander & Lydia (Faust) McKinley-ref P. Knowles-NS

SHAW, MATTIE ANN (Gardner)-b. 2 July 1869 York Co PA-d. 15 Nov 1960—w/o Wm.-d/o John & Lavina (Leas) Gardner

SHAW, REBECCA A.-aged 47y 2m 10d-w/o R. Shaw-only info readable-rest in cement

SHAW, WILLIAM-b. Mar 31, 1862-d. Jan 17, 1921-s/o W & Julia (Walker)-h/o Mattie Ann Gardner

SIDERS, RAY C.-d/ 8 Jan 1903-aged 16y 1m 29d

SMITH, DELLIE-d. Dec 9, 1884-aged 5y 7m-NS

SMITH, D. J.-no dates-on Funeral Home Marker with Rachel (Bond) Smith

SMITH, O. P.-d 30 Apr 1898-aged 60y

SMITH, RACHEL (Bond)-on Funeral Home Marker with D. J. Smith

SMITH, SAMUEL-d. 4 Sep 1872-b. 1802 PA-h/o Elizabeth McCormick

SNOWDEN, ANN ELIZABETH (Chipman)-b. Mar 19, 1842 Dover Delaware-d. Apr 17, 1922-d/o Stephen & Anna (Ware) Chipman-w/o James-md Jan 1, 1961

SNOWDEN, COLONA-d. 1 Sep 1843-aged 11m 7d-d/o James & Anna (Chipman) Snowden-ref P. Knowles

SNOWDEN, JAMES-b. Mar 1, 1837 VA-d. mar 17, 1925-s/o David & _____(Woodrow) Snowden-h/o Ann E. (Chipman) md. Jan 1, 1861

SNOWDEN, MARIAH-d. 10 Nov 1867-aged 14d-d/o S. & D. Snowden

SNOWDEN, MELVINA-d. 29 May 1874-aged 1m 10d—d/o S. & D. Snowden

SNOWDEN, MARTHA-d. 1 Dec 1861-aged 1d-d.o James & Anna (Chipman) Snowden-ref P. Knowles

SNOWDEN, SARAH ANN-d. 35 Sep 1868-ages 1y 3m 15d-d/o James & Anna (Chipman) Snowden-ref P. Knowles

SNOWDEN, SOLOMON S.-B. _____D. 4 June 1870-aged 9m 12d-s/o S. & D. Snowden

STAMBAUGH, VERNA MAE-b. 1929-d.__________

STEWART, ALLEN-d. 3 Oct 1871-aged 69y 7m 19d

STEWART, FLORENCE-d. 38 Nov 1857-aged 2m-d/o W. & M. Stewart

STEWART, NANCY-d. 20 Dec 1882-aged 76y 3m 21d-w/o Allen Stewart-ref P. Knowles

STONE, INFANT FEMALE-d. Dec 29, 1905-aged 1d-d/o Geo & Malinda-stone reads Dec 28

STROOPS, BENJAMIN G.-d. 10 July 1939-ILLINOIS PVT 130 M. G. BN 35 DIV-WW I-Military stone

STROOPS, BENJAMIN m.-B. 1845-D. 1927-H/O Susanna E. Engle-ref P. Knowles

STROOPS, CLETUS H.-b. 2 Dec 1895 near Astoria-d. 18 July 1974-PVT US ARMY-Military stone-s/o Benjamin M. & Susanna (Engle) Stroops

STROOPS, ELLA-d. 22 Nov 1896-aged 21y 10m 27d-d/o Benjamin M. & Susanna E. (Engle) Stroops-ref P. Knowles

STROOPS, SUSANNA E. (Engle)-b. 1852-d. 1945-w/o Benjamin M. Strops

SWINHART, ADAM-b. May 14, 1815-d. Apr 18, 1894-on stone with Phebe Fawcett

SWOPE, ROSA MAY (Parrish)-b. 24 July 1876-d. 5 July 1901-w/o George-d/o Asbury & Mariah Ellen (Derry) Parrish-ref P. Knowles

TAYLOR, LOUSIA WINEFRED (Engle)-d. Nov 29, 1927-aged 77y 7m 27d-d/o Michael & Rebecca (Downing) Engle-w/o James-NS

TINGLEY, SARAH ANN-d. 13 Jan 1855-aged 21y 4m 6d-w/o S. Tingley

TUNGATE, RACHEL (Cramer)-b. 24 Dec 1865-d. 16 June 1918-w/o Samuel D. Tungate-d/o Lewis & Nancy (Dowmen) Cramer-ref P. Knowles

TUNGATE, SAMUEL D.-b. 29 July 1865-d._________-h/o Rachel (Cramer)

TURNER, AMANDA MELVINA (Fawcett)-b. 25 Dec 1852 Fulton Co-d. 19 Jan 1913-w/o Samuel Turner-NS

TURNER, MANDA JANE-d. Oct 9, 1902-aged 17y 8m 27d

TURNER, MELVINA (Faucet)-b. Dec 25, 1852-d. Jan 9, 1913-d/o Lewis &Jane (McKinley) Faucett-NS {also under Amanda Melvina}

VIALL, ROBERT H. –b. 1869-d. 1938-h/o Tina Maye Plank

VIALL, TINA MAYE-b. 1876-d._______-w/o Robert H. vial-d/o Martin V. & Margaret J (Keeran) Plank

WALKER, CATHARINE-d. 5 Aug 1859-aged 57y 11m 16d-w/o Jesse Walker

WALKER, JESSE-d. 26 July 1876-aged 81y 15d

WALKER, JULIA ANN-w/o_____& OUR MOTHER-stone broken and placed in cement so is unreadable-buried next to Walkers

WALKER, NANCY B.-d. 11 Sep1858-aged 24y 3d-d/o J. & C. Walker

WALTERS, EMMA-b. Mar 2, 1863 Dauphin Co. PA-d. Jan 16, 1937-d/o John Walters

WALTERS, JOHN-b. 1818-d. 1892-h/o Margaret (Miller)

WALTERS, MARGARET (Miller)-b. 22 June 1845 Germany-d. 15 Feb 1925/26-w/o John

WEBB, CHARLES, JR. (Twin)-b. & d. 24 Oct 1924 Fulton Co-s/o Charles Burtle & Ethel David (Smith) Webb-ref Carol Butler-NS

WEBB, ETHEL JR (Twin)-b. & d. 24 Oct 1924 Fulton Co-d/o Charles Burtle & Ethel David (Smith) Webb-ref Carol Butler-NS

WHEELER, ALMA-b. 1889-d._________w/o Arthur B. Wheeler

WHEELER, ANGELINE-b. 21 Jan 1839 OH-d. 21 Feb 1887-w/o Arden

WHEELER, ARTHUR B.-b. 1875-d. 1908-h/o Alma C.

WHEELER, FRANCINAH E (Phillips)-b. ______d. 11 Apr 1890-aged 73y 3m 5d-w/o William Wheeler

WHEELER, MARY E.-b. 24 June 1876-d.______-w/o Silas Wheeler-name before marriage to Silas-: Mrs. Mary E. Homan


WHEELER, SILAS-b. 9 Nov 1858-d. 25 Feb 1910-h/o Mrs. Mary E. Homan-s/o William & Francinah E (Phillips) Wheeler

WHEELER, WILLIAM-b. 1816 VA-d. 14 Aug 1901-aged 84y 11m 14d-h/o Francinah E. (Phillips) Wheeler-s/o Wm. & Elizabeth (Fowler) Wheeler

WHEELER, WILLIAM A-b. 2 Feb 1870-d. 21 Feb 1887-s/o Arden & Angeline

WHEELER, WILLIAM A-stone-no dates

WHEELER, WILLIAM P.-b. 1918-d. 1936

WILSON, AMOS-b. Dec 27, 1877 OH-d. Jan 17, 1958-h/o Hazel

WILSON, AMOS CARTWRIGHT-b. Nov 18, 1859-d. Aug 3, 1947-s/o Jepthah & Lucy (Hollister)

WILSON, ELIZABETH-d. 31 Aug 1854-d/o J & L. A. Wilson

WILSON, EPERVIA (Geer)-b. 1865-d. 1925-w/o Amos C. Wilson

WILSON, ERNIE A-b. 1929-d.____

WILSON, HARRY-b. Nov 1888-d. Mar 1889-infant s/o Mr. & Mrs. L. G. Wilson

WILSON, HAZEL B.-n. 1898-d. _____

WILSON, INFANT SON/o J. & L. A. Wilson-d. 10 Oct 1867

WILSON, JEPHTHAH-b. 4 Feb 1818-d. 20 Nov 1894-h/o Lucy A.

WILSON, LEONIDAS HAMLIN-d. 2 May 1868-s/o J. & L. A. Wilson

WILSON, LUCY A.-b. 4 Aug 1822-d. 8 Nov 1911-w/o Jephthah Wilson

WILSON, MARO J.-b. May 9, 1892-d. Dec 11, 1966-s/o Amos & E. Pervia (Geer) PVT 14 CO 161 DEPOT BRIG WW I

WILSON, SALINA EPURVIA (Geer)-b. Mar 5, 1865-D. Apr 20, 1925-d/o James E. & Margaret (Edgar) Geer-w/o Amos-NS

WOLFORD, AMY L.-d. 30 Sep 1854-aged 5m 21d-d/o G. & J. Wolford

WOODFORD, GEORGE J.-b. 11 Jan 1841-d. 29 Apr 1880-SGT CO D 5 IND CAV-Military stone

WOODS, JONATHAN-b. 18 Apr 1822 Beaver Co. PA-d. 13 Mar 1898-w/o Lucinda J. Derry-ref P. Knowles

WOODS, JOSEPHINE-b. 3 Nov 1866-d. 29 Aug 1868-d/o Jonathan & Lucinda J. (Derry) Woods

WOODS, LUCINDA J (Derry)-b. 25 Nov 1840-d. 20 July 1869-w/o Jonathan Woods-d/o Jacob & Mary Ann Sarah (Baggett) Derry-ref P. Knowles

WORKMAN, CLAUDIA ELLEN (Switzer)-b. Feb 8, 1866-d. Oct 19, 1958-d/o Samuel & Mary (Smith) Switzer-NS

WRIGHT, JAMES FRANKLIN-b. Sep 18 1840-d. Apr 22, 1916-s/o Wm & Rebecca (Goodwin)-h/o #1 Nancy Jennings-h/o #2 Elizabeth Wheeler-NS

______, SAMUEL STEPHEN-d. ?? Oct ????-s/o J. M. & P. A.-stone badly worn

_______, ANDREW-d. 3 Feb 1866-aged 2y 7m 18d-on stone with Manda J. & Chas

______, MANDA J.-d. ? Oct 1871-stone broken & worn-on stone with above

_______, CHARLES W.-d. 21 Aug 1872-aged 1y 6m 14d-on stone with above


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