Galesburg Republican Register
Saturday, March 24, 1888

A newspaper article submitted by Janine Crandell:

List of Membership.

Names of those who attended the Central Illinois Teachers Association, held at Galesburg, March 16-17, 1888, and became member by paying annual dues of fifty cents:

Avon: Frances Chatterton, J. S. Campbell.

Canton: W. B. Hull, A. S. Otto, Nannie Nott, C. A. Phelps, W. H. Shellenberger, Jennie Arbuthnot.

Farmington: C. F. Van Doren, A. T. Short, Jessie Wickwire, Rilla C. Meeker, Ada L. Parsons, W. S. McKinney, J. F. McNaughton, J. E. Barstow.

Fairview: M. M. Cooke

Lewistown: H. L. Roberts, Sarah L. Roberts, Mary Allison, Lizzie Winter, Miss E. A. M. Sparks, Eva Bordner, Mrs. Carrie J. Hulvey.

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