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Tuesday February 12th, 2008 6:32 pm

Donna wrote:

Searching for information on William Clark Thompson's family and business. He owned a grist mill in Isabel Twp, Fulton Co., 4 miles west of Havana, IL on Thompsonís Lake from abt. 1868 - 1870. I would like to know the exact land description for where he lived, and am searching for any photos of the location. Also, what school would his son have gone to from 1869-1870?

In the 1870 census, their information was as follows:
1870c PO Duncans Mill, Isabel Twp., Fulton Co., IL p.82, lines 9-19, taken July 20, 1870:
- 22 - 17 - Thompson William 49yo, Male, White, Farmer, $64000, $2285, born England, father of foreign birth, mother of foreign birth, male citizen of US of 21 years or upward
- Thompson Susan 36yo, Female, White, Keeping House, born Ohio
- Thompson Francis 9yo, Male, White, at home, born Illinois, father of foreign birth, attended school within the year
- Bys, Robert, 61yo, Male, White, attends grist mill, born England
- Brandestine, Charles 22yo male white b Hessian day labourer
- McDonough, William 30yo male white b VA day labourer
- Pheline, Douglas 25yo male white b VA day labourer
- Mustard, Andrew 18yo male white b IL day labourer
- Southwood, George 18yo male white b IL day labourer
- Hagans, James 21yo male white b IL day labourer
- Stull, James 18yo male white b IL day labourer

He is mentioned in the "1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties:
"About 1857-1858, William C. Thompson put up a distillery on the corner of Plum and Jefferson streets, [Havana, IL] which he operated successfully for a number of years. To it was attached a corn-mill for the purpose of grinding material for the distillery. Before the erection of the distillery, Thompson had carried on a brewery for a time near the same place. In both ventures he made money, and finally built a large flouring-mill on the site of the present Havana Mills, north of town, which was burned about 1864-65. He then erected Havana Mills, now owned by F.D. Coggeshall. About 1867-68, he sold these mills to James Hole and his son-in-law Thomas Jones, and built another large mill over the river..."

Family history written down in a family bible states:
"On what was then known as Thompson's Lake about 4 miles west of Havana, Illinois. This ancestor of mine had a business of considerable size, Mostly the manufacture of "Distilled Products." ... The aforementioned lake in Fulton County, Illinois, which bore his name, was some years ago purchased by Mr. Morton of the Morton Salt Co. of Chicago, who reclaimed it and at last hearing was a valuable farm."

Any information about the land, business, and family would be appreciated. Thank you.