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Sunday February 17th, 2008 11:13 am

Jan S wrote:

I am looking for information on two families - Armstrong and McClain or Mclain or McLane - James Armstrong arrived in Farmington with his wife Ellen Mnu about 1830 - they had a farm (where?) They had the following children.
-James A Armstrong, born Aug 1835 in Philadelphia - married Margaretta W. Heaton Aug 30, 1862.
-Ann Jan Armstrong, born Nov 1936 in Pennsylvania - married Daniel McElroy 1 Mar 1866.
-Mary Elizabeth Armstrong born Aug 1939 in Farmington - married Thomas Walford about 1868.
-Robert John Armstrong, born 25 Oct 1841, died 2 Dec 1962 - lived his whole life in Farmington
-Ellen A Armstrong born 16 Oct 1843 in Farmington, married Nu Brown - I don't know when, and then 19 May 1888 Samuel J. Jack (his third wife)
-Sarah Margaret Armstrong - born 16 Mar 1846 - I've got lots on her.
-Nancy M. Armstrong, born 25 May 1848, married Carl E. Peterson around 1883.
-Elizabeth Armstrong, born 24 Apr 1850, Farmington, married James Wallace 31 Jan 1882.
-Emily Field Armstrong, born 6 Sep 1855 Farmington, married John Logan Cordner outside of Fulton County about 1870 or later.

Any further information about these people would be greatly appreciated.

The second family - I have quite a bit of information on, but I would like to know what happened to their descendents:

Alexander McLane (as spelled on his tombstone), born 1825 in Ireland, married Elizabeth Kelly in Ireland 1845.
-John A. McClain, born 21 may 1846 in Ireland - I have lots of information on him.
-Alexander McClain, Jr, born 20 Aug 1848 in Ireland

This family migrated in 1850 from Ireland to Montgomery, Pennsylvania where they lived until 1856.
-Sarah E McClain was born in Pennsylvania, married Frank Messler in Fulton County in 1875.
-Mary McClain born in Pennsylvania 1855, buried in Oak Ridge cemetery, Farmington 1861.
-Archibald McClain born 1857 in Pennsylvania, buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery 1860.
-William C McClain - born 3 Dec 1861 Farmington (while his father was fighting in the Civil War). He married Nellie Anderson don't know when or where or what happened to them.
-Alexander Sr. married Annie Trasker 25 April 1895 in Farmington. Who was she?

Any further information anyone can share, photographs, stories, descendents? I'd be delighted to hear from you!