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Wednesday February 25th, 2009 10:55 pm

Kathleen M. Brune wrote:

I'm trying to find the parents of Nancy Jane Meeker. She was born April 10, 1840, in Fulton County, Illinois. She died of the "hasty consumption" on May 31, 1885, at the age of 45. She was married first to Charles Stanley on April 29, 1857. They had two children, Tarabelle (or Sarabelle) and Charles, but their daughter must have died around the age of 2 or 3. Nancy and Charles divorced a few years later (in 1863), and Charles took their son and told everyone that Nancy had died in 1861. He later remarried a Dorinda Bybee.

Nancy then married James E. Hodson on June 13, 1864, in Knox County, Illinois, although they continued to live in Fulton County. They had several children together. Her obit said she left behind her husband, James, and 10 children. She is buried in Orendorff Cemetary in Orion, Illinois. Her cemetery record states her date of death as May 31, 1885, and "fa Dan Meeker".

In the 1850 census, she is living with the Jerod Wheadon family in Waterford. In the same census, there is a girl named Abigail Meeker living with the Thomas Bybee family in Buckhart (note that after Nancy, Charles married a Dorinda Bybee).

In the 1860 census, Nancy has apparently left Charles, and is living with David and Abigail (Meeker) Wilcoxen. Thomas Bybee's wife was a Wilcoxen.

In the 1870 census, Nancy is married and living with James Hodson. Abigail is also still in Fulton County, with her husband David Wilcoxen. An Aaron Meeker is also living with Abigail and David.

In the 1880 census, Abigail and Nancy are each still living with their families in Fulton County. Aaron Meeker is now living with Nancy and James.

In the 1880 census, Abigail shows she was born in Illinois, and her parents were from Kentucky. Nancy shows she was born in Illinois, and her parents were from Ohio. Aaron also shows he was born in Illinois, and his parents were from Ohio.

I have been unable to find the parents of either Nancy or Aaron (although I think Aaron is the same as the 3-year-old Aaron living with Moses Meeker in the 1850 census -- if so, then he may be Moses' son and was just very close to Nancy and Abigail). I believe Abigail's parents were Stephen and Ruth (Thompson) Meeker, both from Kentucky, who apparently died in the 1840's of food poisoning. A James Meeker is living with Moses Meeker in the 1850 census, and he may be Abigail's brother. I'm wondering whether Stephen Meeker had a brother named Dan(iel), if so, then this Dan may be Nancy's father, and I would also need to find Stephen and Dan's parents in order to tie them into the Meeker lines. I have checked into a couple of Daniel Meekers in the area, including the one in Madison County, but have pretty much ruled them out. I'm thinking the Dan I'm searching for may not have appeared in any census in Illinois.

Anyone have any clues, or an idea of where I could search further? Any help would be appreciated!

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Kathleen M. Brune