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Monday March 16th, 2009 12:25 am

Ashley Morlan wrote:

I am looking for any information as to why the MORLAN families moved from Columbiana Co., OH to Wayne County, IL. Around the 1840's and after,there was only a few MORLAN'S living in Wayne Co., IL. Yet connecting them to my MORLAN'S have been impossible. They were a pretty important family. Owning a post office and having an area named after them. I do assume they have to be related. I am also trying to figure out if MORLAN is of the Irish origin or Spanish. I have found information stating both, so that is another problem area.

My gr gr gr grandfather was THOMAS HOWARD MORLAN. He has been listed as being born est 1833 in IL, OH, or NC. As stated by Family Search and other sites. He married LUCINDA EMALINE BURGESS born 1833, in Wayne Co., TN. She was married to JOHN HOLLOWAY first, est. 1850, and while still married or not met and joined THOMAS in 1854. No records can be found of them except 3 census' and a possible 4th one. This either being due to the fire at the Wayne Co., IL courthouse in 1886 or some other misterious reason. I have found nothing on they're deaths either, except a resource has stated they both died in 1887. LUCINDA's death date was listed as 7 Mar 1887.

Their children as well have no information on them either. Except my gr gr grandfather and his twin brother. WILLIAM AND JAMES H MORLAN, born 23 Nov 1863. All the census records have spelled the name different at times. THOMAS and LUCINDA have also went by their middle names. On the 1880 census, last one they are on, they listed all children to be step to THOMAS. Obviously that was a misstake. The only other possible information I have, is that of LUCINDA'S first child JOHN T H (HOLLOWAY) MORLAN. Sources show he may have kept the MORLAN name instead of HOLLOWAY. Why, I'm not sure. It can all be so confusing.

ANY information on ANY MORLAN's would be so helpfull. Where I can find history... records... did we all come from the same and just branched off through-out the world?..etc. I have tested my grandfathers DNA. We belong to the R haplogroup, Well a sub off of it. I appreciated any little detail of help. Thank You in advance.

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