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Ickes, D. K. (Nan) Ch Wylie Canton R8 Orion Sec 19 T172a J. W. Tindall (1896)

Ide, J. W. (Clara) Ch Chester, Luther, Hazel, Avon R4 Lee Sec22 T240a Jas Kutchler & Son (1907)

Ide, Ora (Lena) Ch Mabel, Marietta R1 Harris Sec 4 Farm Hand (1914)

Imel, Archie (Lola) Ch Earl, Clara, Table Grove R1 Farmers Sec17 O80a (1884)

Imel, Martin (Naomi) Ch Thomas Ezra, Rachel, Archie, Table Grove R1 Farmers Sec17 O61a (1872)

Imel, T. W. (Martha) Ch Grace, Table Grove Farmers Sec16 O16a (1875)

Ingold, Theo. (Louisa) Ch Theodore, Vivian, Rozelle, Farmington R2 Farmington Sec 15 O153a (1905)

Irons, J D. (Emma) Ch Leda, Willis, Avon R1 Sec15 T160a N. H. Everly (1866)

Irwin, Barton M. (Virgie) Ch Margaret, Florence, Lyle, Stanley, Lewistown R2 Lewistown Sec11 T80a John Weimer (1915)

Irwin, H. W. (Bertha) Ch Maxine, Ruth, Smithfield R1 Cass Sec29 O4a Sec35 T297a Lovekamp Est. (1888)

Irwin, J. E. (Emma) Ch Hazel, Smithfield R1 Cass Sec34 T100a Martha V. Johnson (1863)

Irwin, O. E. (Daisie) Ch Martha, Smithfield Cass Sec32 O40a T60a (1892)

Irwin, R. W. (Janette) Cuba R3 Putman Sec21 T80a W. F. Irwin (1896)

Irwin, Wm. D. (Minnie) Ch Nora, Mary, Francis, Sidney, Robert, Paul, Merle, Ruby, Irene, Lewistown R5 Waterford Sec3 O100a (1870)

Iseli, John (Mary) Ch Emma, Bertha, John, Anna, Fritz, Otto, August, Marie, Minnie, Lucile, Canton R4 Orion Sec10 O80a (1898)

Isgear, L. B. (Jessie) Canton R5 Orion Sec35 T155a Mrs. Christina Isgear (1879)

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