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Yardley, Jas. R. (Anna) Ch Charles, Bernice, Bernetta, Cuba R1 Putrnan Sec31 T166a Edw. Morgan (1913)

Yeoman, Lion A. (Bell) Ch Alice, Celeste, Corinne, Lion A. Jr., Mahala, Avon R3 Union Sec23 D200a (1907)

Yeoman, Theo. I. (Maggie) Ch Marie, Theodore, Margaret, Regina, Bernice, Sylvester, Charlotte, St. Augustine R1 Union Sec2 O160a (1910)

Yingling, Harry C. (Mattie) Ellisville R1 Deerfield Sec1 T80a M. A. Martin (1914)

Yocum, Alice Canton R4 Orion Sec8 O40a (1866)

Yocum, Calvin (May) Ch Marie, Nellie, George, John, Canton R4 Orion Sec4 O40a (1873)

Yocum, Chas. (Nellie) Ch Harold, Avon R4 Lee Sec19 Farm Hand L. T. Turpin (1904)

Yocum, Chas. Canton R4 Orion Sec5 O80a (1873)

Yocum, Cornelius Canton R4 Orion Sec5 O80a (1866)

Yocum. C. R. (Adelaide) Marietta R1 Lee Sec32 T308a (1896)

Yocum, E. R. (Danna) Ch Gladwin. Gifford, Marietta R2 Harris Sec30 T82a J. W. Hunnicut (1890)

Yocum, H. S. (Lenna) Ch Gale, Wayne, Ralph, Marietta R2 Harris Sec21 T514a A. N. Black (1877)

Yocum, John (Rebecca) Ch Lana, Sarah, George, Marietta Harris Sec15 O90a (1854)

Yocum, Mamie Canton R4 Orion Sec5 O80a (1861)

Yocum, Stephen Canton R4 Orion Sec8 O120a (1877)

Yocum, Thomas H. (Sophronia) Ch Herman, Dessie, Canton R4 Orion Sec3 O73a (1866)

Yomell, J. W. (Cora) Ch Hazel, Dwight, Cuba R1 Cass Sec23 Farm Hand (1866)

Young, David E. (Ocie) Ch Neva, Nina, Vera, Avon R1 Union Sec35 O240a (1908)

Young, Guy R. (Mattiie) Ch Vera, Verle, lona, Ellisville R1 Ellisville Sec6 O111a (1911)

Young, Lee H. (Marie) Ellisville R1 Deerfield Sec3 T80a A. C. Clutts (1911)

Young, Jas. (Louisa) Ch Daisy, Bertha, Nelson, Havana R3 Isabel Sec31 O40a (1858)

Young, Jas. F. (Margaret) Ch John, Dan, Nellie, Clarence, Fiatt R1 Deerfield Sec16 O60a (1896)

Young, John A. (Nellie) Ch Arlington, Lee, Louise, Avon R3 Ellisville Sec17 O200a (1912)

Young, Nelson (Golda) Ipava R3 Pleasant Sec16 O140a (1910)

Young, Norman (Faye) Avon R1 Lee Sec5 T80a Mrs. Myers (1907)

Young, Wm. W.  (Louise) Ch Bessie, Charles, Smithfield R2 Deerfield Sec20 T466a (1912)

Yost, Fred (Mary) Ch Ethel, Newton, Edna, Marietta R1 Lee Sec32 T120a W. Osborn (1907)

Yost, Henry (Mary) Ch Anna, Astoria R4 Astoria Sec26 T200a J. D. Miller (1914)

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