The most impressive museum in Fulton County is the Dickson Mounds Museum. If you are driving from Havana, go four miles north on Route 78. A state marker will show you where to turn left leading you about a mile and a half west. If you are driving from Lewistown, drive four miles east on Route 24 to the junction of Route 78. Turn right and drive three miles to the road leading to Dickson Mounds. A marker will show you the way.

The first white family to arrive in Fulton County was John Eveland and his family, who came to Waterford Township in 1820. John Eveland's descendants bought the land at the foot of the Dickson Mounds bluff.  The prehistoric village site was obtained from the Evelands and is still called the Eveland site today.

William Dickson and his family arrived in the area in 1833. When they were clearing the bluff in order to plant an orchard in 1866, they discovered the mound was actually an Indian burial place. Then in 1927, Dr. Don Dickson, a chiropractor, decided to investigate the mound and discover evidence that would explain the large number of Indian deaths. A shelter was built over their excavation which was eventually replaced by a tile block building. It expanded over the years which the Dicksons operated privately until 1945. At this time, it was sold to the State and the Dicksons continued to administer the site for several years. About a year after Dr. Don Dickson died, Dickson Mounds became a branch of the Illinois State Museum in 1965.

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