Fulton County Miners


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Parrville Coal mining houses that were WNW of Fairview near Parrville.
Some of these house were moved several times and at one time were
located just west of Fairview and known as "White City". Some were
eventually moved into Fairview, enlarged and are still being used today.
submitted by Max Latimer

This is a small shaft mine operation
somewhere in Fulton County. If you
can help identify the men in this photo,
please email us! Thank you so much!
submitted by Max Latimer

United Electric Cuba Mine Post card photo - unknown year: This machine is similar to another "Wheel Machine" set up at the Fiatt mine in about 1962. The back of the post card says:  "W-4 Kolbe Wheel Excavator, in operation near Canton, Il.  Constructed at United Electric's Cuba, IL, Mine, this 2100 ton mobile giant was developed by Frank F. Kolbe.  Powered by electricity for overburden removal in open pit mining, it is this nation's largest in both size and capacity. Tall as a fifteen story building and 420 feet long, it's maximum capacity is 4,800 cubic yards per hour."
Color photo by Sebree Photography, Canton IL
Submitted by Don M. Ely

Mining photo taken in the Breeds area circa 1890
Submitted by Edward Magner
August 14, 1942 St. David, Illinois
Central State Collieries, Inc.
Many people were involved in this project...
Roy Girard, Max Latimer, Stephen Wages,
Barb Hagen, Emily Schaeffer, and
Don Ruffeto. Thanks to all!
Correction: #10 Clyde Ewing
Buckheart Mine 1942 1st shift
Submitted by Donald Parkinson

Top Row: Left to Right:
Dominic Boetto, Ed Schoonover, Harry Lock, William Wilhelm, Teddy Weber,
James "Jim" Warfield, Lloyd Sidener, Charles Pollitt, Portney Ghlee Bradley,
Cyril "Bill" Rand, Peter Bertetto, Henry "Hank" Haptonstall, Ralph "Slug" Nelson, Walter "Coke" Foster, Byrl "Casey" Clayberg, John Lakin, Ross Shields, John Wesley Mitchell, Perl Gibboney, Ed Marshall.

Middle Row:—Left to Right:
Keith Shoop, Vernon Savill, Tom Moorcroft, Roy Bowcott, Glenn Murphy, Orlie Bartlett, Creston "Dutch" Woods, John Cox, Lewis W. Barco, Guy Shorthouse, Earl Johnson, Henry "Hank" Parlier, Raymond "Beanie" Rudd, Robert Elias, Charles "Chuck" Roe, Earl Thomas, Forrest "Red" Connons, Oscar Poggendorf.

Bottom Row: Left to Right:
Andrew"Andy" Kerr, Dwayne "Chick" Frederick, M. H."Rass" Rasmussen, Robert "Bob" Boone, Walter Wilson, Enos "Rusty" Campbell, Louis Krouscup, Jesse Blunk, Alonzo "Lon" Robertson, Lawrence "Blinky" Lingenfelter, Bernard "Nig" Lyons, Frank Ridley, Dewey Ford, Don McCracken,
Clifford Ray, Vincent "Vinco" Buban.

Buckheart Mine 1942 2nd shift
Submitted by Donald Parkinson

Top Row: --- Left to Right: ---
Jim Miller, Theodore "Petey" James, Marion Rasmussen, Richard "Dick" Campbell, Guy Shorthouse, Arlo Groat, Ralph Davis Campbell, Harold Fouts, James Millard, Armil "Fats" Stevenor, Estel "Buck" Williams, George Brown, Eber Biswell, Wayne Whitmer — Carl "Whalebait" Livers.

Bottom Row: --- Left to Right:
John "Jack" Toft, Roy Williams, Bill Bishop, Denzy Dow Hess, William "Bill" Izard, William "Bill" Efnor, Bernard P. Mahr, Oscar Neff,Arthur Schoonover, Harry Rowe, Bernard Jones, Pat Hogon, Harvey Jump, Lawrence "Hollywood" Purtle.

Truax-Traer Fiatt Mine: about 1940 - 1942
Men of the Second Shift. Only three identified:
2nd row 4th from right Howard Somers...per Montey Johnson
Back Row standing, third from right Willis Taggart
Back Row far right, E. Styles Ely...submitted by Don M. Ely
(more photos of the Fiatt Mine)

Truax-Traer Coal Co. 1942 Fiatt, Il.
Submitted by Max Latimer

Front row (L-R) :

Ralph Post, Don ("Pacer") Clayberg, Don Ray, Fish Herring, Bill Baughman, Floyd Jones, Lee (Rube) Massingale, Charles Shumaker, Ross Stevens, Otis St Clair, Ralph Deushane, Harold Heller, Ralph Munson, Lee Ray, Bob Spillman, Larry Fitch, Lee Miles, Albert Scott.

2nd Row:
Bill Hall, Lee Miller, Ward Windsor, Paul Post, Bob St. Clair, Bill ("Nig") Rand, Gus Flanders, Gene Long, "Papa" Madras, Bob Cooper, Floyd Hobbs, Lyle Massingale, Joe Myers, Beckley Whitehead, Walter Newton, Clayton ("Topper") Murphy, Don Deakin, Elmer Truax, Iner Morlinder.

Back row:
Ed Spencer, Harry Arnett, Cecil Spainhour, Roy Mason, Gerald ("Chub") Lemon, Louis Downey, Russell VanDyke, Dale Eshelman, Scott Keefauver, Ward (Fuzzie) Adams, Clarence Collins, Russell Churchill, Wayne Fisher, Kimber Collins, Jack Bishop, Orville James, Chuck Parsol.


Truax-Traer Coal Co. 1953 Fiatt, Il.
Submitted by Max Latimer


The attached picture is one taken in 1942 of the staff of The Flamingo Mine (coal) owned by the Fairview Collieries Corporation.   The mine was located northwest of the Village of Fairview.  The mine began operation in 1942 and continued into the early 1960's.  We would appreciate help in identifying these men, since less than a handful of names are known. Thank you very much! 
Submitted by Max Latimer


Probably mid-50's, taken by Marj-El Studio in Farmington
Submitted by Bill Wilson



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