Cadwell Family Cemetery


Cadwell Family Cemetery is located in Truro Township, west of center of Section 11.  Go north on Highway 180 and turn left on 1650N.  This small, neglected cemetery sits on a little knoll amidst many trees and saplings, near the creek.  There is a fence surrounding it, though, with parts of it severely bent.  Some of the stones were very difficult to reach due to the abundance of saplings.  There is one marker that is totally unreadable.  I will go back to this cemetery to take better photographs.




Name Birth Death Age Inscription
Cadwell, Elvira A.   Mar 10 1859 19 yr 3 mo 11 da Wife of John Cadwell; barely readable
J. P. C.        
Cadwell, James W. Mar. 5, 1835 Dec. 19, 1893   moved to Williamsfield cemetery; see headstone
photo in the Williamsfield cemetery gallery
Cadwell, John P. Jan 06 1806 Mar 31 1880   Born in New Hartford, Conn
Died in Altona, Illinois
Cadwell, Mary E. (Porter) 1815 Jan. 20, 1874   Wife of J. P. Cadwell, Sen.
S. H. F.        
Fulkerson, Sophronia H.   Sep 28 1877 19 yr 1 mo 16 da Wife of G. M. Fulkerson
Gale, Melinda C. (Cadwell) Jan. 18, 1853 Jan. 12, 1932
Lincoln, NE
  Wife of Nehemiah John Gale
Gale, Nehemiah John Mar. 12, 1852 Sep. 8, 1928
Lincoln, NE
N. P.        
Porter, Nancy   Oct 16 1843 59 yr 2 mo 13 da Wife of Phillip Porter
P. P.        
Porter, Philip   Sep 19 1845 61 yr 11 mo 11 da  

This cemetery was walked by Janine Crandell on January 2, 2004.

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