Spanish-American War Veterans

Excerpt from the History of Knox County by Albert Perry, published in 1912, pgs. 243-245

At the outbreak of the Spanish War members of Company C and Company D volunteered and were mustered in with the rest of the regiment forming the Sixth Illinois Volunteer Infantry.  The roster of these respective companies were as follows:

Company C of the Sixth Illinois Volunteer Infantry (*see note below*)

Captain:  Thomas L. McGirr

1st Lieutenant: Conrad A. Byloff

2nd Lieutenant: Daniel K. Smith

1st Sergeant: Frank E. Johnson

Sergeants: Edwin C. Reed
                  Carl J. L. Borine

Corporal: Walter F. Coolidge

Musicians: Thomas W. Thomson
                  Mark J. Potter


Benjamin Anderson Hugh K. Mullen
Alfred B. Bawman John A. Nelson
Jacob C. Benedict Ludvick Nelson
Ira E. Benson Mart J. Nelson
Jacod D. Bir  [Bird?] Jacobs S. Palmer
Ivan Bohman E. P. Peckenpaugh
Alvin P. Burkhalter Charles R. Pendarvis
Willis E. Calkins Albert Peterson
William Campbell Howard L. Pettett
Victor N. Cochran Charles A. Philblad
William H. Copp Frank M. Pierce
Edwin J. Corbin Noble F. Potts
Frank E. DeFord Henry W. Raker
William Detrick Charles J. Rose
Jacob C. Diefenderfer Robert J. Samuelson
Joseph H. Dunn, Jr. Charles A. Sandburg
George L. Elder Carl H. Schneider
John Farrow John Scott
Oscar Franden Con Sequist
Fred W. Gottick [Gottrick?] Philip D. Sharples
Oscar L. Hensel Henry C. Smith
Benjamin W. Holcomb Homer Spilman
Harry B. Hopkins Frank N. Steele
Rolla C. Hopkins William K. Steele
Herbert S. Hosler James W. Stizer [Switzer?]
Charles V. Huew  [Huey?] Andrew P. Tanning
Richard D. Hulse Edwin F. Tracy
William A. Jackson Benjamin F. Underwood
Charles O. Johnson Charles F. Wade
William A. Johnson Leonard S. Wager
Roy E. Jones Clyde R. Westfall
Lewis W. Kay Jesse F. Wiley
Joseph H. Knutson Warren Williamson
George R. Longbreak Oscar S. Wilson
William H. McKinty Charles H. Winders
George McLaughlin Bert Wolf
George R. Martin Harry C. Woodard

Arthur A. Metcalf


William P. Brown David Murphy
Louis L. Cummings Harry S. Murphy
William H. Dunlap Dick W. Neely
George W. Folley Arthur C. Palmer
Morton C. Freer George C. Philblad
James S. Gentry Herman H. Potter
Fred C. Harms LaFayette Ryan
James B. Heflin Emerson Spence
Grant G. Hoofnagle Robert Spratt
Frederick A. Knock John W. Thomas
Claude W. B. Lindstrum James A. Weils
Ralph Matterson Thomas M. West
David E. Moses

Note: All of the men in Company C gave Galesburg as their the Report of the Adjutant General (ninth volume).


Company D of the Sixth Illinois Volunteer Infantry (*see note below*)

Captain: Frank W. Latimer

1st Lieutenant: Frank R. Trevor

2nd Lieutenant: Leonidas T. Reagor

1st Sergeant: James S. Barton

Sergeant: William T. Johnson
                 Albert R. Maginnis
                 J. Arthur Whitwan [Whitwam?]

Corporals: James R. Bacon
                  William H. Birdsall
                  Fred J. Fisher
                  Daniel H. Kennedy
                  John H. Smith
                  Max F. C. Stromlow


Glen C. Aiken James H. Jones
Ash A. Atkins Carl Jungstrom
Charles A. Atkins Albert Kennedy
George E. Allen Edwin Kennedy
Frank L. Angler [Angier?] Earl Klock
Fred D. Armstrong Bert C. King
Ed S. Babcock John G. Krieg
Frank Bacon John F. Leigh
William H. Banty [Bandy?] Adelbert D. Lewis
Almendis B. Beard Albert Linstrom
Charles L. Bomfarden
Harry E. Melvin
Seymour X. Briggs Byron Merritt
George B. Burton Grant F. Moore
William S. Carter David J. Nordwall
Charles H. Clark James W. Oman
John W. Cox Charles Peabody
Frank Cramer Arthur E. Peacock
Arthur Cross William H. Pierce
David E. Davis Frank Purdy
Clarence V. Earll John M. Rankin
Lemuel T. Earll Guy Robinson [Robertson?]
Robert B. Edwards Edward A. Robinson
John W. Ferris William R. Robinson
John J. Fickle Sergeant Scanlan
Edwin Flake Joe Shipplett
Mert Fletcher John Stevenson
Wilbur George Nile E. Stewart
James R. Goforth Ira C. Swartz
George E. Gotch Harry Tyner
James Handwright Roy Wallis
Lewis A. Harshbarger Walter H. Ward
Frank L. Henler [Heller?] Harry Weston
Lester Hollister Walter Woods
Charles Huddleston Dale A. Woolley
Harry A. Johnson [Johnston?] Arthur B. Wright


William A. Adams Norman Litchfield
Philip O. Bowman Clarence L. Miller
Frank W. Boynton Charlie B. Moore
Edward H. Brandt John L. Newkirk
Maurice L. Carr Charles C. Paul
Lawrence E. Clarke Frank W. Peterson
John W. Dailey Frank C. Philbrook
Louis F. DeHass Isaac P. Powell
Oria Harmon Fred E. Ross
Lester D. Hittle Frank Scanlan
Leander W. Hoy Roy V. Spencer
George D. Judson Judson S. Taylor
George E. Temple

Note:  All of the men in Company D listed above gave Abingdon as their residence in the Report of the Adjutant General (ninth volume) except for the following:

Frank L. Angler [ Angier?]: residence listed as Streator
Ed S. Babcock: residence listed as private
William H. Banty [Bandy?]: residence listed as Knoxville
William S. Carter: residence listed as Galesburg
Charles H. Clark: residence listed as Dahinda
Mert Fletcher: residence listed as Barry
George E. Gotch: residence listed as Humboldt, Ia.
Harry A. Johnson: residence listed as Galesburg
John G. Kreig: residence listed as Lincoln
Adelbert D. Lewis: residence listed as Galesburg
Albert Linstrom: residence listed as Galesburg
Guy Robinson [Robertson?]: residence listed as Milwaukee, Wi
William L. Robinson: residence listed as Lincoln
Edward A. Robinson: residence listed as Lincoln
John Stevenson: residence listed as Nebraska City
Nile E. Stewart: residence listed as Cleveland, Oh.
Roy Wallis: residence listed as Walnut
Walter H. Ward: residence listed as Table Grove

Knox County men who served in other units (as stated in the Report of the Adjutant General - Ninth Volume):

Clark M. Carr from Galesburg was a 2nd Lieutenant in the 9th Illinois Infantry, Co. L.

Ira L. Duncan from Gilson was a private in the 6th Illinois Infantry, Company M.

Samuel J. Elston from Knoxville was a private in the 6th Illinois Infantry, Company B.

Frank H. Logan from Galesburg was a private in the 8th Illinois Infantry, Company K.

Jesse Rowe from Abingdon was an assistant surgeon in the 1st Illinois Cavalry, HQ.

John W. Stromberg from Galesburg was a private in the 6th Illinois Infantry, Co. H.

There were several men in the Illinois Artillery, Company A:

    Joseph Krother, a private from Knoxville

    James D. Cole, a private from Galesburg

    Henry C. Hill, a private from Galesburg

    Gustave J. Kohler, a corporal from Galesburg

    Rolla Mount, a private from Galesburg

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