Best Lincoln Stories Tersely Told
by J. E. Gallaher
Pub. in 1898


A Strange Coincidence In The Lives Of Lincoln And His Slayer

When President Lincoln was assassinated on the night of April 14, 1865, while witnessing a play at Fordís Theater in Washington, he was removed to the Peterson house which was directly opposite the theater.

The late John T. Ford related that he had occasion to visit John Wilkes Booth at the Peterson house once. The Davenport-Wallack combination was playing "Julius Caesar" at Fordís theater. Booth had been cast to play Marc Antony and was late in coming to rehearsal. Ford went over to the house to ask him to hurry up. He found Booth lying inn bed studying his lines. He little dreamed then that Lincoln would so shortly die in the same house, the same room and on that identical bed, or that Booth would turn out to be his assassin.

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