Best Lincoln Stories Tersely Told
by J. E. Gallaher
Pub. in 1898


A Famous Chicago Lawyer's Views.

"Into the story of the republic from 1861 to 1865 the patriot does well to enter, there to find for instruction and example manliest of Americans, the highest type of Americanism, the central figure of the century, Abraham Lincoln. The fierce partisanship which assailed him during his short period of leadership became silent at his death, and each succeeding year but serves to exalt his work and character.

"The judgment of time has already shown to be colossal him who was called common—the honor that we offer to his memory is only the spontaneous tribute of contemporary history—our enthusiasm is but the sum of the world’s calmest thinking. For years in all lands gifted speech has proclaimed his deeds and the pens of poets have sketched his life. Thus does he receive his tribute from the people.

"In his mentality Lincoln shone in justice, common sense, consistency, persistence, and knowledge of men. In his words he was candid and frank, but accurate and concise, speaking strong Anglo-Saxon unadorned—powerful in its simplicity. In his sentiments he was kind, patriotic, and brave. No leader ever combined more completely the graces of gentleness with rugged determination. In his morals truth was his star, honesty the vital essence of his life.

"In his religion he was faithful as a saint. Providence was his stay and he walked with God. As President his life and deeds were a constant sermon. Love of men and faith in God were the fundamental elements of his character. Poverty had schooled him to pity and taught him the equality of all mankind."—Luther Laflin Mills.

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