Best Lincoln Stories Tersely Told
by J. E. Gallaher
Pub. in 1898

donated by Steve Slaughter
transcribed by Dorene Fox-Sprague and Karen Hammer



Title Page


Lincoln’s Great Strength as a Boy

Was Proud of His Strength

Lincoln a Powerful Wrestler

Lincoln Split 400 Rails for a Yard of Jeans

Lincoln as a Verse Writer

Lincoln’s Quick Wit in Helping a Girl to
Spell a Word

Lincoln as a Notion Peddler

Lincoln Saved From Drowning

Lincoln’s Youthful Eloquence

One of Lincoln’s Songs

Lincoln’s First Political Speech

How Lincoln Became Known as "Honest Abe"

Lincoln Was an "Obliging" Man

How Lincoln Paid a Large Debt

His First Sight of Slavery

Lincoln and Jeff Davis in the Black Hawk War

Lincoln’s Glowing Tribute to His Mother

What Lincoln’s Step-Mother Said of Him

Lincoln’s First Love

The Duel Lincoln Didn’t Fight

Lincoln as a Dancer

Lincoln’s Courtship and Marriage

Lincoln’s Personal Appearance

Lincoln’s Mother

Lincoln’s Melancholia

Lincoln’s Height

How Lincoln Became a Lawyer

Lincoln as a Lawyer

Lincoln’s Conscientiousness in Taking Cases

The Jury Understood

Lincoln’s Honesty with a Lady Client

Lincoln Wins a Celebrated Case

Lincoln’s "Selfishness"

Lincoln Removes a License on Theatres

How Lincoln Got the Worst of a Horse Trade

Lincoln Helped Him to Win

Lincoln Settles a Quarrel Without Going to Law

A Lincoln Story About Little Dan Webster’s Soiled Hands

Lincoln’s Long Limbs Drive a Man
Out of His Berth

Lincoln’s Joke on Douglas

Lincoln Shrewdly Traps Douglas

Lincoln’s Fairness in Debate

Lincoln Asked His Friend’s Help
for the U. S. Senate

Making Lincoln Presentable

Evidence of Lincoln’s Religious Belief

Lincoln a Temperance Man

Lincoln’s Famous Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address

Lincoln as a Ruler

Lincoln’s Real Object in Conducting the War

Lincoln Asked for Some of Grant’s Whisky

Lincoln Believed Himself Ugly

Lincoln’s Kindness to a Disabled Soldier

A Sample of Lincoln’s Statesmanship

Two Good Stories

Lincoln Raises a Warning Voice Against the
Concentration of Great Wealth

Lincoln and the Dying Soldier Boy

The Dandy, the Bugs and the President

Lincoln Upheld the Hands of Gen. Grant

Why Lincoln Told Stories

Lincoln Rewards a Man For Kindness Thirty Years After the Occurrence

Lincoln a Merciful Man

Lincoln’s Humorous Advice to a
Distinguished Bachelor

How Lincoln Answered a Delicate Question

Lincoln Illustrates a Case Humorously

Why Lincoln Mistook a Driver to be an Episcopalian

How Lincoln Received a Jackknife as a Present

The Best Car For His Corpse

His Title Did Not Help Any

One of Lincoln’s Autographs

Lincoln’s Substitute

Lincoln’s Estimate of the Financial
Standing of a Neighbor

Lincoln’s Query Puzzled the Man

Lincoln’s Inauguration

John Sherman’s First Meeting with Lincoln

Lincoln and the Sentinel

Origin of "With Malice Toward None." Etc.

His Good Memory of Names

Lincoln’s Grief Over the Defeat
of the Union Army

Three Stories of Lincoln by Senator Palmer

His Famous Second Inaugural Address

Lincoln Said Even a Rebel Could be Saved

Washington and Lincoln Compared

Lincoln Remembered Him

Why Lincoln Pardoned Them

The Lincoln Portraits

Lincoln’s Faith in Providence

Lincoln’s Last Words

A Chicagoan Who Saw Lincoln Shot

Martyred Lincoln’s Blood

A Strange Coincidence in the Lives of Lincoln
and His Slayer

Where is the Original Emancipation Proclamation

Mr. Griffiths on Lincoln

A Famous Chicago Lawyer’s Views

Lincoln Was Plain but Great

Lincoln’s Specific Life Work

The Proposed Purchase of the Slaves

Senator Thurston’s Speech

Lincoln Analyzed

The Religion of the Presidents



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