Best Lincoln Stories Tersely Told
by J. E. Gallaher
Pub. in 1898


The Religion Of The Presidents.

George Washington was a communicant of the Episcopal Church.

Thomas Jefferson was a member of no church. He was a deist.

John Adams was a Unitarian.

James Madison was an Episcopalian.

James Monroe was an Episcopalian.

John Quincy Adams was a Unitarian.

Andrew Jackson became a member of the Presbyterian Church after the death of his wife.

Martin Van Buren regularly attended the Dutch Reformed Church at Kinderhook, N. Y., but was not a member.

William Henry Harrison was a communicant in the Episcopal Church. His pew in Christ Church, Cleveland, Ohio, bore his silver plate for years after his death.

John Tyler was a member of the Episcopal Church.

James K. Polk never united with any denomination. While he was President he attended the Presbyterian Church out of deference to his wife’s wishes. On his death-bed he was baptized by a Methodist preacher, an old friend and neighbor.

Zachary Taylor was an attendant of the Episcopal Church, and is said to have been a member.

Millard Fillmore was a Unitarian.

Franklin Pierce was a Trinitarian Congregationalist.

James Buchanan was a Presbyterian.

Andrew Johnson was not a member, but attended the Presbyterian Church.

Abraham Lincoln belonged to no church, but usually attended the Presbyterian services.

Ulysses S. Grant attended the Methodist Church, but was not a member.

Rutherford B. Hayes was a Methodist.

James A. Garfield was a member of the Church of the Disciples.

Chester A. Arthur was an Episcopalian.

Grover Cleveland joined the Presbyterian Church after his marriage.

Benjamin Harrison is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

William McKinley is a member of the Methodist Church.

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