Best Lincoln Stories Tersely Told
by J. E. Gallaher
Pub. in 1898


Lincoln's Quick Wit in Helping a
Girl to Spell a Word.


"Abe" Lincoln was always ready and willing to help any one. Once he was in a spelling match at school when the word "defied" had been given out by the teacher. It had been misspelled several times when it came the turn of a girl friend of Lincolnís to spell. The pupils were arranged on opposite sides of the room and "Abe" was watching his friend as she struggled with the spelling. She began d-e-f, and stopped, being unable to decide whether to proceed with and i or a y. Happening to look up, she caught sight of Abe, who was grinning. He pointed with his index finger to his eye. The hint was quickly understood, the word was spelled with an i and it went through all right.

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