Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 206

     Paul G. Biggs is the proprietor of the town of Bigg’s Station, on the I., B. & W. Railroad, east of Havana. It was surveyed and platted April 19, 1875, and is now an important shipping point on that line of railroad.
He was born in August, 1843, in Clinton County, Ohio; immigrated to Illinois with his parents in 1856, and settled in Havana, and removed to his present location in 1873, and opened the first business house in the place.
     In conformity to universal experience, Paul, like every other descendant of Adam, “found it was not good to be alone,” and with rare judgment and good sense, (an article not usually brought into requisition is such cases,) selected as “a help-mate for him,” Miss M.A. Springer, of Peoria County, Illinois. They were married January 8, 1872. Cheerfully, happy and contented, they are floating down the stream of time together, the banks of which, is their case, seem to be lined only with flowers. No rude storms or adverse winds seem to ruffle the smooth surface; no rock to strand, no bars to obstruct their passage, so onward pleasantly they glide.

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