Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 144

Prominently identifies with the business interests of Mason City, and consequently of Mason County, is Mr. A.A. Cargill. He was born at Wentham, Mass., Dec. 9, 1827, where he resided until 1849, when he removed to Chicago, and from there to Mason County, in 1857, and to the vacant prairie where mason City now stands with her 2,500 inhabitants, in 1858, and opened the first dry goods store in that now flourishing city in the same year. On his commencement of business there, there were but six houses in the vicinity, three within the corporate limits, and three without. He has not been continuously in business since his residence in the city, but for the past eleven years has done a very extensive trade in dry goods, clothing, and boots and shoes.

Mr. Cargillís business ability in the management of his affairs has secured him a competency, and he lets the world run on quietly and easily, not losing rest at night for the accumulation of dollars and cents. He was the first Postmaster in Mason City, was succeeded by Israel Hibbard, and again re-appointed, at the retirement of Mr. Hibbard. He is at present a member of the city council. As is usual with the prominent members of every community, he has served a full share in those humble but useful positions of township and school offices, where it is all work and no pay.

Mr. Cargill is a man of fine natural abilities, and of cultivation, enjoys the respect and confidence of his acquaintances, and his business talents are of high order.


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