Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 137

It is necessity, not choice, that compels the system of brevity we have been compelled to adopt in this department.

Mr. Dearborn was born March 24, 1820, in Plymouth, New Hampshire, and removed to Illinois in 1844, and settled at Havana. Was admitted to the bar in 1852, in Kane County. He held the office of sheriff and circuit clerk. It is superfluous to state the duties of these important offices were performed. What Mr. Dearborn does not do well and satisfactorily he will not do at all. He returned to Havana in 1858, since which time this has been his permanent home.

The wife of Mr. Dearborn is a member of the Walker family, so prominently known in the business interests of Mason County. We refer the reader to the history of the Walker family, elsewhere in this work. A very interesting family has been the result of their union.

To speak of Mr. Dearborn, personally, we have ever known him the gentleman, and a lawyer of unusual abilities, kind and courteous.


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