Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 146-147

Mr. Easton is a native of Butler County, Ohio, where he was born August 17, 1829. He removed to Mason County, July, 1856, and engaged in the business of house and sign painting. In September, 1852, he married Miss Angia, daughter of S.R. and M. Pierce, who also removed to Havana, in the fall of 1857. After being engaged in the business stated, in Havana, for a number of years, he received the appointment of Postmaster, March 1, 1865, in which position he served near two years, and was reappointed, after the office had another occupant for the brief period of seven months. He also served as city clerk, in 1870. After residence in this city of many years, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce removed to Waverly, Nebraska. Here, Mrs. Pierce died, June 11 1876, aged seventy-five years. Mr. Pierce survives her, and is aged seventy-four years.

The business qualifications of Mr. Easton peculiarly fit him for the position he has so long and so satisfactorily filled. We have long since claimed to have the model Postmaster, whose patience in answering unnecessary questions is only equaled by his accommodating disposition.


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