Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 206

     In the life of Mr. Gatton, we have but few brief data, and hence this notice must be extremely brief, much more so than his position in the community in which he lived would justify.
     He was born Dec. 24, 1816, and made his home in Bath, in April, 1841, and engaged as a salesman in a general dry goods trade. He engaged in the business of general merchandise with Gen. J. M. Ruggles, in 1849, and afterwards with Dr. O’Neal. He was married in 1841. He died December, 1873. The family are still residents of Bath, and Mr. Gatton and family have ever been justly regarded as one of the most highly esteemed of the many pleasant families of that town.

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