Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 145-146

Mr. Hudson was born in 1805, in Oxford, Mass., removed to Illinois, and settled in Macoupin County, in 1838; from there he removed to Pike County, in 1844, and to St. Louis in 1845, but returned to Matanzas, in Mason County, and after a residence there of seven years, removed to his farm, about five miles east of Havana, and to Havana in 1857.

After residing in Havana about nine years, he removed to Mason City, where he stills resides, and is serving the people of that city very acceptably as justice of the peace. Mr. and Mrs. Hudson (formerly Miss A. Harrington, of Worcester County, Mass.,) were married in 1832, and have four children, two sons and two daughters.

The oldest son is also a resident of Mason City, engaged in a mechanical business. The youngest is a resident of Fort Dodge, Iowa, and is engaged in the practice of law. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The oldest daughter is the wife of R. J. Onstot, Esq., book and news dealer, in Mason City, and the youngest, a very competent and efficient teacher, in the schools of Mason City.

Mr. Hudson has the credit of introducing the first McCormick’s reaper ever used in Mason County, and sold the same to Mr. Wm. Ainsworth, of Lynchburg.

Mr. Hudson has been more than usually fortunate. He has not grown rich, and has never been poor,


“But has held fast that golden mean,

And lived most happily between

The little and the great;

Felt not the wants that pinch the poor,

Nor plagues that haunt the rich man’s doors,

Embittering all his state.”


But most fortunate has he been in rearing a pleasant intelligent family. Education and refinement, with good taste, and social position that is not the lot of all.


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