Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 206

Peter Alfred Lorance was born in North Carolina, June 1, 1801, and emigrated to Illinois in 1828, and consequently a very early resident of Central Illinois. He originally settled in Cass County, and came to Mason County the 1st of April, 1845. He married, during his residence in Cass County, in 1832, Miss Mary Robertson, who had immigrated to that county in 1826. She is still living with her son at Long Branch, in this county, and has passed the allotment of three score years and ten. He was for many years in the work of the local ministry, was very earnest, and somewhat eccentric. They had six children, only three of whom arrived at maturity, viz: two sons and a daughter. One of these sons died in the army. The daughter is a resident of Menard County. The other son, Jacob A., resides at Long Branch and on him the aged mother, in her declining years, leans for support, and leans not in vain. Space forbids a repetition of the trials and experiences of each of these early pioneers.

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