Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 142-143

The subject of this sketch is one of whom it is difficult for the writer to give an impartial sketch, for the reason that we have had a long and an exceedingly pleasant personal acquaintance with him.


“Some books are lies from end to end,

And some great lies were never penned,

Even ministers they have been kenned

In holy rapture.

At times a rousing whid to vend,

And nail it with scripture.

But this that I’m going to tell,

Is just as true as the di’els in hell,

Or Dublin city.

That he no nearer comes oursel’s,

Is a great pity.” – Burns.


The above named was born in New Jersey in the year 1824, and came to Illinois in 1854, and located in Bath three years later, and has resided not only in the same place ever since, but in the same house. In his younger days Mr. Morris was apprenticed to the saddlery and harness business, but splitting leather, making wax-ends and stuffing saddle-pads and horse-collars, did not satisfy a strong and somewhat inquisitive mind, hence he became somewhat actively interested in the political issues of the day, and an active partisan, in local, State and national affairs. Though his home has been in this small and comparatively quiet town, instead of a State capital or a commercial centre, we have known frequently of his opinions being asked for and his influence having been felt in places and under circumstances that those uninitiated in politics would have little dreamed of. The one prominent element in the character of the subject of this sketch that is above the rest, where there are many prominent ones, is his kindness and goodness in caring for and rendering assistance to the sick or suffering of his neighbors. No trouble too irksome, no undertaking too severe, where the suffering of a fellow-mortal is to be alleviated or in any way benefited. He always has time for these duties, and duties he regards them, and with him duty is law. In his intercourse with his fellow-man he is dignified and courteous, never turning his back on a friend or avoiding and enemy. His sociability makes him many friends, and he has perhaps, a larger acquaintance among prominent men in the State of Illinois than any other person in Mason County.


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