Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 137-138

Joseph Statler was born, in 1828, in Miami County, Ohio, removed to Mason County in 1849, since which time Mason County has been his permanent home. In 1852, he married Miss E. J. Cramer. Mr. Statler’s business abilities have frequently induced his friends to place him in those official positions he is so peculiarly qualified to fill. The records of Mason County show terms of his services as assessor and county treasurer. In these positions, it is needless to say his duties were promptly, faithfully and ably performed.

Manson City is his present home, where he has resided some years, and the people of that thriving and prosperous city have honored him with the office of city judge. He is also extensively engaged in the insurance business.

Mr. Statler’s residence, on the eastern side of the county, began when that region was quite primitive, and a very pleasing contrast could be drawn between “then” and “now”. Then, vast seas of prairie grass and flowers; now, vast seas of ripening wheat and growing corn. Then, the sight was only obstructed by the distant groves, or undulating swell of the ocean-like surface. Now, the landscape is diversified by orchards, meadows, and the homes of the well-to-do farmers, whose fine agriculture is a mine of wealth, and “the cattle on a thousand hills” are his.

Like others removing to the west before the day of railroads, Mr. Statler came overland by his own conveyance. At noon they dined near Prairie creek, and from there to Lease’s groves was without leading characteristics of the subject of this brief sketch, are soundness and business abilities, a pleasant associate, a good neighbor, and a gentleman.


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