Centennial History of Mason County
By Joseph Cochrane
Springfield, Ill., 1876


Page 142

Mr. Vail is an old citizen, and a citizen of which Bath may well boast. He is a native of Belmont County, Ohio, and came to Illinois in 1843 and to Bath two years later, which has since been his home. Bath owes much of her improvements and influence to Mr. Vail. For fifteen years he was engaged in general merchandise in that town, but for some time the weight of years have been pressing somewhat heavily upon him and having a competency of this world’s goods, he has retired from active business.

Mr. Vail is now seventy-five years of age, enjoys uniform health, saying with Job of old, “All the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come”. Our personal acquaintance of over twenty years with Mr. Vail has been very pleasant.


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