1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
Published by: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers
186 Dearborn Street

Mason County

County Court Judges and Associates
Page 434

November, 1849, Smith Turner was elected County Judge, and John Pemberton and Robert McReynolds. Associate Justices of the Peace; 1853, N. J. Rockwell was elected County Judge. David Corey and John H. Daniels, Associates. Mr. Corey died in February, 1853, and H. C. Burnham was elected in April to fill the vacancy; 1857, George H. Campbell was elected County Judge, John D. Corey and Joseph A. Phelps, Associates. Judge Campbell resigned September 1, 1858, and Robert McReynolds was elected to fill the vacancy; 1861, Joseph A. Phelps was elected County Judge, John d. Corey and B. A. Rosebrough, Associates. This terminated the County Court as then organized, being superseded by township organization in 1862.

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