1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
Published by: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers
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Mason County

Assessors and Treasurers
Page 436

The following is a list of the names of those who served, together with the amounts paid them for making the county assessments: April 5, 1841, Ira Patterson was elected, and was paid for the assessments, in 1841, $24.50. For the year 1842, $82. Ira Patterson was an early settler on Salt Creek, was elected a Justice of the Peace in 1838, and some years afterward, removed to Oregon Territory, and after it became a State, was elected Governor of Oregon! 1843, Thomas Hubbard was paid for thirty-six days assessing, $72. It does not appear from the records whether he was elected or not. 1844, George H. Campbell was paid for forty-three days assessing, $86. In 1845, he was paid for that service, $53.50. 1846, George H. Campbell was elected; allowance for assessment that year, $160. 1847, he was paid, for assessing, $124. 1848, Samuel Cannon was paid, for assessing, $150. 1849, he was paid $197.96, for assessing. 1850, John Cooper was paid, for assessing, $164.60. 1851, he was paid for that work $180. 1852, Joseph F. Benner was paid for assessing, $200. 1853, he was paid for same work, $185. 1854, Robert McReynolds was paid for assessing, $270. 1855, he was paid for that work, $272.50 1856, Robert McReynolds was paid for assessing, $262.50. 1857, he was paid $232.50, for that work. 1858, Joseph Statler was paid for assessing, $185. 1859, he was paid for assessing, $203.75. 1860, John R. Teney was paid for assessing, $278. 1861, he was paid for that service, $405, and T. J. Kemper, for Assistant Assessor, $107.50, and J. H. Schulte, for assessing personal property, $52.50. This was the last year of the County Assessor's work.

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