1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
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Mason County

Election of Directors
Page 451

The following extract was taken from the Havana Herald of September 11, 1857, edited by W. W. Stout:

The election of Directors of the Illinois River Railroad took place at Chandlerville on Saturday of last week. A large number of persons were present on the occasion, and an amount of stock was represented equal to $350,000. Considerable interest was manifested among those present in regard to who should be elected to the directory, and as to how they should be elected to the directory, and as to how they should be appointed. But after the manifestation of considerable feeling in regard thereto, matters were finally arranged, as we presume, to the entire satisfaction of all parties. Judge Thomas was elected Director of Morgan County, R. S. Thomas for Cass, J. M. Ruggles for Bath, Frank Low, for Havana and Joshua Waggonseller for Tazewell. The selection of a more efficient Board of Directors could not have been made. They are the very best men to be found along the line of the road, and their selection will meet the probation of a large majority of the citizens of the different counties through which the road will pass, and give renewed confidence to the friends of this great improvement. After the election, the new Board held a short session and chose James H. Hole, of Havana, to be the Treasurer of the Company, and M. H. L. Schooley, Secretary. The Board then adjourned to meet again in Havana on the third Saturday of the present month.

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