1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
Published by: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers
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Mason County

Springfield & North-Western Railroad
Page 452

The charter for this road is dated March 24, 1869. The route is from Springfield, via Petersburg, to Havana-forty-eight miles! The original Directors were: John Williams and John T. Stuart, of Springfield; William G. Green and William Estel, of Menard, and Hugh Fullerton and R. S. Moore, of Havana. Mason County subscribed $50,000 to the capital stock, and the township of Havana took $25,000, and the individuals along the line of the road subscribed liberally. The work on the road began in 1871 and the road was completed in 1873. Kilbourne, Bowers & Co., of Iowa, were the contractors, Col. John Williams, of Springfield, made heavy advances to the contractors, and, in the end, finished up the road, became the largest owner of stock, and has operated the road since its completion. The road finally went-where most of the roads have gone in the past ten years-into the hands of a receiver-George N. Black, of Springfield-and in the spring of 1879 it was sold to a new company, by whom it is now operated and of whom Col. Williams in President and largest owner. It is a well-managed road and is kept in good condition, doing a fair business for a short road. The length of road in Mason County, from the Sangamon River to Havana, is about thirteen miles; standard gauge. W. M. Bacon and Mike Myers are the present popular conductors of the two trains that make daily trips over the road. The stations on the line of the road are: Sedan, Long Branch, Conover and Kilbourne.

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