1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
Published by: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers
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Mason County

Indianapolis, Bloomington & Western Extension
Page 453

This road was chartered in 1867, and extends from the city of Urbana to the city of Havana-101 miles-and is designed to extend west to the Mississippi River. The original Directors for Mason County were: Judge Lyman Lacy and James H. Hole, of Havana. The county of Mason took $100,000 stock in the road: Havana, $40,000; Pennsylvania, $10,000, and Mason City, $25,000. The work of construction began in the year 1872 and the road was completed, in first-class manner, to Havana in 1873. This corporation traveled the usual road to bankruptcy and, after remaining two or three years in the hands of a receiver, was sold in 1879 to a new company, who are, at this date, preparing to complete the bridge at Havana and to extend the road to the Mississippi. The road is an important one to Mason County, extending the entire length of the county from east to west, passing through Mason City, Teheran, Easton, Biggs, Poplar City, to Havana-twenty-six miles-crossing the C. & A. at Mason City and the S. & N. W. and the P., P. & J. at Havana. Jack Caldwell is a well-known and popular conductor on the roads, and it has generally been well managed.

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