1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
Published by: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers
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Mason County

Newspapers In Mason County
Page 454

The newspaper has become one of the most potent institutions in modern civilized communities. The daily paper gives to the reader each morning all the important events occurring in every enlightened country on the globe, which are eagerly devoured and digested with the matutinal meal; and the reading person would about as soon dispense with the one as the other.

The first newspaper printed in Mason County was in 1851-the Mason County Herald-edited and published by McKenzie & Roberts, in the town of Havana. In 1853, O. H. Wright became the editor and proprietor of this paper. He was succeeded by E. L. Grubb, who sold out to Stout & Weeden in 1853. W. W. Stout afterward became the sole editor and proprietor, and, under his management, the Herald became a well-conducted and influential paper.

We can only give the names of the papers and their proprietors that have followed each other in pretty rapid succession, without giving the dates or duration of their several existences: The Squatter Sovereign, in Havana, by James M. Davidson, in 1859-61; the Havana Post, by John B. Wright, 1861; the Battle Axe, in Havana, by Robert L. Durdy, 1862; the Volunteer, in Havana, by W. W. Stout; the True Unionist, in Havana, by S. Wheaden; the Havana Gazette,by R. L. Durdy; the Havana Ledger, by William Humphreyville; the Journal, by J. J. Knapp. This paper was removed from Havana to Mason City and sold to W. S. Walker, who ran it awhile and sold out to Wells Cory. Mr. Cory has conducted the Mason City Journal for nine years with marked ability. The True Unionist and the Havana Ledger were consolidated into the Democratic Clarion, and, after being conducted for a time by Wheaden & Humphreyville, passed into the hands of Mr. Wheaden, who ran it, with his son, for a number of years, and sold out to J. C. Warnock, of Mason City, on the 10th of September, 1877, when the name was changed to the Mason County Democrat. On the 2d of August, 1878, Mr. Warnock sold out to Messrs, Mounts & Murdock, who continue the paper in a way that indicates enterprise and ability.

The Havana Gazette, by D. G. Swan, is one of the defunct papers.

The Bath Journal was started into existence in the town of Bath by W. W. Stout in 1860, and was afterward sold out to Stafford & Servos. It ended its career during the war of the rebellion.

The Mason City Times, by Haughey & Co., was the first paper started in that place. The first issue was dated December 25, 1866.

The Mason City News, by Haughey & Walker had a short career.

The Democratic Bugle, a campaign paper, by R. L. Durdy, gave a few blasts in the campaign of 1876, and then blowed out.

The Independent, by Haughey & J. C. Warnock, is a well conducted paper in Mason City at this time.

The Mason County Republican, published in Havana by C. B. Ketchum and edited by F. & C. B. Ketchum, has been in operation for seven years-a long life for a Havana newspaper-and; therefore, there has been merit in it.

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