1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
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Mason County

Mason County
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Though producing no renowned warriors, has furnished her full quota of soldiers, and is entitled to her full share of the glory of the State. Within her borders were men who were rank Copperheads, opposed to the war, and Knights of the Golden Circle, but nevertheless the county was far ahead of all calls for men, and furnished more than her share of the 290,000 soldiers belonging to the State. Of the Sons of Liberty-a secret organization having for its object the release of rebel prisoners, burning Northern cities, and the defeat of the Union armies-Mason County had her share, small though it be. Their names are known, but, for the good reputation of the county, the sooner they are forgotten the better, and we shall not, therefore, mar this record with them.

The population of Mason County, in 1860, was 10,929, and the county record of enrollment shows, for the years 1861, 681 names; 1862, 1,869 names; 1863, 1,529 names; 1864, 1,659 names; 1865, 1,822 names.

The quota of Mason County was, for 1861, 306; 1862, 210; 1863, 344; 1864, 265; making the total quotas to January 1, 1865, 1,125; total credits to same date, 1,514; excess of volunteers over all calls, 389.

The enrollment for 1861 and 1862 is taken from the county record. The remaining items are taken from the records of the Adjutant General of the State.

The county record shows the number of soldiers furnished by the several townships in Mason County to be: Havana, 398; Bath, 350; Lynchburg, 73; Crane Creek, 61; Salt Creek, 59; Mason City, 108; Pennsylvania, 21; Forest City, 46; Quiver, 75; Manito, 119; Allen's Grove, 60; total, 1370. This record is evidently very imperfect, for the reason that the list of soldiers whose names are given shows a total of 1,549-293 cavalry, and 1,256 infantry. The records in the State and in the county are very unsatisfactory, and the best evidence of the facts is to give the names of the officer and men, which are as correctly given as we have the means of making them.

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