1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
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Mason County

Third Cavalry
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The Third Regiment of Cavalry was organized at Camp Butler, Illinois, by Col. E. A. Carr, in August, 1861. The regiment moved to St. Louis, Mo., September 25. October 1, moved up the Missouri River to Jefferson City, and thence to Warsaw, arriving on the 11th of October. On the 23d, marched to Springfield, Mo., in Col. Carr's Brigade, Gen. Asboth's Division. On the 2d of November, Gen. Hunter took command of the army, superseding Gen. Fremont, who had been in command one hundred days. November 13, the First and Second Battalions moved, with the army, on Rolla, Mo. The Third Battalion, in command of Maj. Ruggles, remained with Sigel's Division, protecting the rear of the retreating army, and was the last to leave Springfield. Arriving at Rolla, November 19, the regiment remained until the 29th of December, when it moved in the advance of Gen. Curtis' army for the Southwest.

Tarrying a short time in Camp Ruggles, the regiment, with Carr's Division, arrived at Marshfield on the 11th of February, and on the 13th the Third Battalion of the Third Cavalry, in command of Maj. Ruggles, fought the first engagement and won the first victory of Curtis' campaign, on the road four miles north of Springfield. On the 14th, the army occupied Springfield, Mo. On the 15th, came up with Price's retreating army at Crane Creek, and captured some prisoners. On the 18th, at Sugar Creek, the Third Battalion marched to Cross Hollows, Ark., where the army remained, until the 5th of March, when it fell back to Pea Ridge. On the 6th, the First and Third Battalions marched from Huntsville, forty-eight miles, with Col. Vandever's Brigade. On the 7th, the First and Third Battalions, in Dodge's Brigade, and the Second, in Vandever's, were engaged all day and to the close of the battle of Pea Ridge, losing 10 killed and 40 wounded. March 19, moved to Keetsville, where Col. McCrellis joined the regiment, and went on duty with Maj. Hubbard. April 10, the regiment arrived at Forsyth, on the 29th, at West Plains, Mo., and, on the 3rd of May, at Batesville, Ark. On the 14th, moved to Little Red River. On the 25th, in crossing White River, Capt. McClellan and five men were drowned. On the 4th of June, the regiment fell back to Fairview. On the 7th, Capt. Sparks, with 66 men, was surrounded with 300 of the enemy's cavalry, and cut his way out, losing 4 wounded and 4 prisoners. On the 11th returned to Batesville, and from thence to Jacksonport. On the 5th of July, the army moved for Helena, where the Third Cavalry arrived and went into camp on the 15th of July, 1862, and there remained on duty in scouting expeditions, until the 23rd of December, when Companies B, C, D, H, I and L, in command of Lieut. Col. Ruggles, embarked for Vicksburg, under Gen. W. T. Sherman. Companies E and G were on duty with Gen. Carr at St. Louis.

The regiment did good service at the battle of Chickasaw Bayou, and from there embarked for Arkansas Post, in which battle it also took an active and important part, and from there returned to Vicksburg. In the month of February, on account of high water interfering with cavalry operations, Gen. Grant ordered six companies of the regiment to return to Memphis, where they remained, doing duty in West Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky, until the 21st of August, 1864, when a large portion of the regiment embarked for their homes in Illinois, by reason of the expiration of their term of service. The remaining companies participated in the battles of Port Gibson, Champion Hills, Black River Bridge, and the siege of Vicksburg, and also in the Banks Campaign in Western Louisiana. The veterans remaining were consolidated into a battalion of six companies, under Capt. Carnahan, who was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on the 24th of August. In May, 1865, the battalion returned to St. Louis, and from thence to St. Paul, reporting to Gen. Curtis. On the 4th of July, went on an Indian expedition through Minnesota and Dakota to the British lines, and returned by was of Devil's Lake, Fort Berthold, to Fort Snelling, on the 1st of October, from where they arrived at Springfield, Ill., on the 13th of October, 1865, and were mustered out of service.

The regiment had the misfortune of many other regiments, to be under the baneful influence of an officer educated by the people at West Point, whose ambition over-reached and beclouded his patriotism and his military abilities.


Major James M. Ruggles, comd. Sept. 11, 1861; prmtd. to Lieut. Col. March 7, 1862; prmtd. To Col., and also to Brevet Brig. Gen. March 13, 1865, for faithful and meritorious services during the war.

Company B.

Cleghorn, Geo., San Jose, e. Aug. 13, 1861; captured by the enemy, Nov. 5, 1863.
Crites, James, San Jose, e. Aug. 13, 1861; re-e. a veteran.
Graham, Samuel, San Jose, e. Aug. 13, 1861; re-e. a vet.
Kent, Wm., San Jose, e. Aug. 13, 1861; m. o. Sept. 5, 1864.
Killpatrick, Joseph, San Jose, E. Aug. 13, 1861; disd. for disability, July 24, 1862.
Menkirk, Nathan, San Jose, e. Aug. 13, 1861; deserted Feb. 18, 1862.
Perdue, Geo., San Jose, e. Aug. 13, 1861; died at Rolla, Mo., June 4, 1862.
Sumers, Abner, San Jose, e. Aug. 13, 1861; m. o. Sept. 5, 1864 as Sergt.
Teney, James, Bath, e. Aug. 13, 1861; re-e. a veteran.

Company C.

Fair, Wm. Snicarte, e. Sept. 24, 1861; re-e. a veteran.

Company H.

Gilpatrick, J., Snicarte, e. Sept. 24, 1861; disd. for disab.
Knight, Thos., Bath, e. Aug. 28, 1861 re-e. a vet.
McDerrit, Edward, Bath, e. Aug. 13, 1861; accidentally kld. June 26, 1862, at Batesville, Ark.
Steele, Henry C., Snicarte, e. Sept. 24, 1861; re-e. a vet.
Waddle, W. B., Snicarte, e. Sept. 14, 1861; re-e. a vet.
Waggoner, H., Havana, e. Aug. 28, 1861; re-e. a vet.
Pearson, M., Lynchburg, e. Jan. 21, 1864; rect.
Stubard, T. M., Salt Creek, e. Feb. 22, 1865; rect.
Sanford, H. M., Manito, e. Feb. 27, 1865; prmtd.
Colbert, Geo., W., Manito, e. Feb. 27, 1865; deserted.
Colbert, Edward, Manito, e. Feb. 27, 1865; deserted.

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