1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
Published by: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers
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Mason County

Fifty-First Infantry
Page 471

The Fifty-first Regiment was organized at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Ill., December 24, 1861, by Col. G. W. Cummings, and moved to Cairo on the 14th of February, 1862; from thence to Camp Cullum, on the 27th, and to Bertrand, Mo. On the 7th of March, moved to Sykestown, and, on the 10th, to New Madrid, making a reconnaissance on the 13, and, on the 14th, New Madrid was evacuated by the enemy.

April 7, moved against Island No. 10; on the 8th, pursued the enemy, compelling the surrender of Gen. Mackall with 4,000 prisoners. On the 11th, proceeded down the river to Osceola, Ark, and, on the 17th, moved to Hamburg Landing, disembarking on the 22d, and afterward engaging in the battle of Farmington and siege of Corinth.

June 4th, advanced to near Baldwin, Miss., and fell back to Booneville. On the 11th, moved to Corinth, and went into camp.

July 20, left Big Spring and marched to Tuscumbia, Ala., and guarded the railroad from Hillsboro to Decatur, and, on the 4th of September, moved via Athens, Ala., to Nashville, Tenn. November 6, engaged in repelling the attacks of Breckinridge, Morgan and Forrest. From September 16 to November 6, Nashville was cut off from all communication with the North, and the troops were subsisting on half rations.

December 26, moved against the enemy under Bragg, and, on the 20th, met the enemy and was engaged during the day, losing seven wounded. December 31, the regiment was in the thickest of the fight at Stone River, losing fifty-seven killed, wounded and prisoners. On the 16th of January, moved three miles south of Murfreesboro and camped. On the 8th, moved to Spring Hill; on the 10th, reached Duck Creek, and, on the 11th, Van Dorn crossed Duck River and Granger returned to Franklin.

June 24, moved via Beacher Grove, reaching Tullahoma on the 1st of July, the enemy leaving the night before. Joined in pursuit of the enemy to Elk River, Winchester and Cowan, Bragg retreating over the Cumberland Mountains and across the Tennessee River. On the 9th, ascended the mountains and camped on the summit. July 30, moved to Bridgeport, Ala., and from thence across the Tennessee to foot of Sand Mountain, and up the mountain and on to Trenton, Ga. Marched down Lookout Valley to Winston's Gap, and on to Alpine, Ga. On the 14th, marched up Lookout Valley; on the 15th, from Steven's Gap to McElmore's Cove.

On the 19th of September, went into the battle of Chickamauga, at 4 o'clock P. M., losing, that evening, ninety men out of two hundred and nine engaged. On the 20th, went into position of the extreme right, and were heavily engaged. In the afternoon, the whole division fell back, in confusion, to Mission Ridge, and, on the 21st, threw up works at Rossville. On the 23d, crossed Chickamauga Creek.

November 24, was again engaged with the enemy at Mission Ridge, losing 30 out of 150 men engaged, including Maj. Davis, wounded, and Capt. George L. Bellows, killed. On the 28th of November, marched to the relief of Gen. Burnside, at Knoxville. December 16, moved by rail to Blain's Cross Roads, and on the 19th of January, moved to Chattanooga. February 10, the regiment mustered as veterans and started for Chicago, and on the 17th, received veteran furlough. The regiment left for the front March 28, 1864, via Louisville, Nashville and Chattanooga, to Cleveland, Tenn. On the 3d of May, began the Atlanta campaign.

Was engaged at Rocky Face Ridge May 9, losing 2 men; at Resaca on the 14th, losing Capt. Lester and 20 men wounded. At Dallas, May 25, met the enemy in position and were engaged eleven days, losing one officer and 11 men wounded. June 15, in a skirmish, Capt. Tilton was wounded and 12 men killed and wounded. On the 27th of June, in the assault on Kenesaw Mountain, lost 2 officers wounded and 54 men killed and wounded, and Adjt. H. W. Hall and Lieut. A. V. McCormack, killed.

July 20, engaged at Peach Tree Creek; casualties, 5 wounded. Was engaged during the siege of Atlanta and fight at Goldsboro, losing 2 wounded, and at Lovejoy, losing 3 wounded. Marched into Atlanta on the 8th of September. During the campaign, the regiment lost 3 officers killed, 4 wounded, and 105 men killed and wounded. After marching from place to place, the enemy was again met at Spring Hill, on the 29th of November, and the regiment lost 12 wounded, including Capt. Waterman and Gen. Bradley. November 30, moved to Franklin and engaged in the battle there, losing Lieut. Thomas, killed; Capt. Tilton and Lieuts. Johnson and Hills, wounded; 52 men killed and wounded, and 98 men missing. December 1, reached Nashville and engaged in the battle of Nashville December 15 and 16, losing 1 killed and 5 wounded. After the battle, pursued the flying enemy, and afterward moved to Huntsville, Ala.

March 31, 1865, moved to Greenville, Tenn. April 15, to Nashville. June 16, moved to Johnsonville and embarked for New Orleans, July 28, embarked for Texas; 31st, landed at Port Lavacca, and August 1, moved to Camp Placidon, Texas. On the 25th of September, 1865, the regiment was mustered out at Camp Garvin, Texas, and arrived at Camp Butler, Illinois, October 15, 1865, and was paid off and discharged from further service.

Company F.

Capt. George L. Bellows, Chicago, July 18, 1862; kld. at Mission Ridge Nov. 25, 1863.
Capt. A. H. Frazer, Bath, Nov. 25, 1863; resd. August 6, 1864.
First Lieut. Robert Houston, Bath, July 18, 1862; prmtd.
First Lieut. A. H. Frazer, Bath, Sept. 9, 1863; prmtd.
Second Lieut. A. H. Frazer, Bath, July 18, 1862;prmtd.
Barton, Robert, Mason Co., e. July 18, 1862; disd. 1863.
Beebe, Geor. W., Mason Co., e. May 1, 1862; disd. 1864.
Bower, John, Mason Co., e. April 3, 1862; disd. 1864.
Behue, M., Mason Co., e. March 18, 1862; deserted.
Carpenter, Francis, Mason Co., e. April 5, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Cooper, Mark, Mason Co., e. July 15, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Church, William, Mason Co., e. May 28, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Davis, John, Moscow, e. March 10, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Edlen, G. W., Mason Co., e. May 1, 1862; died at Nashville Dec. 1, 1862.
Fay, Henry, Mason Co., e. May 18, 1862; died at Nashville Oct 5, 1862.
Garrison, M., Bath, e. May 24, 1862; died at Nashville Oct. 26, 1862.
Green, Jos. G., Mason Co., e. March 31, 1862; died at Evansville Dec., 1863.
Himes, C. A., Mason Co., e. June 3, 1862; disd. 1862; disd. 1862 for disability.
Hensly, Isaac, Mason Co., e. March 20, 1862; died Oct. 12, 1862, at Columbus, Ky.
Hurly, John, Mason Co., e. March 20, 1862.
Key, Henry, Mason Co., e. May 2, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Laber, D. G., Mason Co., e. March 18, 1862; died July 31, 1862, at Decatur, Ala.
Lane, Jacob, Mason Co., e. March 20, 1862; m. o. 1865 as Sergt.
Lillie, J. S., Mason Co., e. March 27, 1862; trans. to V. R. C. 1864.
Lofton, J., Mason Co., e. June 4, 1862; kld. at Nashville Dec. 16, 1864.
Mann, John, Mason Co., e. April 17, 1862; trans. to V. R. C. 1864.
Mead, Joseph, Mason Co., e. March 19, 1862; kld. at Chickamauga Sept. 19, 1863.
Moore, John C., Mason Co., e. March 22, 1862; disd. 1863.
Mitchel, Thomas J., Mason Co., e. April 7, 1862; deserted July, 1862.
Mason, Thomas H., Mason Co., e. June 15, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Mason, W. W., Mason Co., e. April 17, 1862; disd. 1863 for disab.
Mulverhill, D., Mason Co., e. April 2, 1862; m. o. 1865.
McGehe, S., Mason Co., e. April 14, 1862; m. o. 1865.
McCrasky, W., Mason Co., e. March 20, 1862; kld. at Kenesaw Mountain.
Parrish, A. A., Bath, e. March 10, 1862; m. o. 1865; detached.
Phelps, J. A., Bath, e. March 27, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Phelps, C. Y., Bath, e. June 17, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Peterson, G. W., Mason Co., e. June 2, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Powell, James, Mason Co., e. May 1, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Peterson, W., Mason Co., e. June 5, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Purkapile, J., Mason Co., e. June 16, 1862; disd. 1864.
Reed, Ami, Mason Co., e. May 3, 1862; died in rebel prison Feb. 1864.
Roberts, J. A., Mason Co., e. May 31, 1862; died at Nashville Nov. 22, 1862.
Hummerfield, G., Mason Co., e. May 18, 1862; disd. Feb. 3, 1865.
Ruggles, Henry C., Bath, e. July 16, 1862; taken prisr. Sept. 20, 1863, at the battle of Chickamauga and remained in prison to Feb. 28, 1865.
Sargeant, J. M., Bath, e. March 10, 1862; m. o. June 16, 1865.
Schoonover, H., Mason Co., e. May 15, 1862; disd. Sept. 27, 1864.
Stuart, F., Mason Co., e. June 16, 1862; trans. to V. R. C. 1864.
Stuart, John, Mason Co., e. April 21, 1862; disd. Oct. 1862.
Swartwood, A., Mason Co., e. May 20, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Taylor, R., Mason Co., e. March 10, 1862; deserted July 8, 1862.
Vaughn, N., Mason Co., e. May 20, 1862; disd. Dec. 25, 1863.
Waddle, Wm., Havana, e. March 9, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Wyseman, C., Havana, e. March 25, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Williams, John, Bath, e. March 10, 1862; m. o. 1865.
Witt, Jenkins, Mason Co., e. June 10, 1862; died at Nashville Nov. 23, 1862.

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