1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
Published by: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers
186 Dearborn Street

Mason County

One Hundred And Fifty-Second Infantry
(One Year)

Page 486

Company A


Fisher, Robert F., Easton, Feb. 7, 1865; died at Jeffersonville.
Fisher, J. H. B., Easton, Feb. 7, 1865; died at home.

The regimental history of other regiments in which the soldiers of Mason County served would be cheerfully given, but there is not room in the book for all; nor have we the necessary time to devote to the work. So far as we have gone, it is believed that a true and reliable history is given, such as may be handed down to posterity with confidence in its general correctness and completeness. Of course, there may be some errors in names, which will always occur among so many.

Justice and impartiality has been aimed at, and if there is any failure, it is not from any prejudice or partiality. The good name and reputation, as well as the welfare of every Union soldier in the great army of volunteers, are dearly enshrined in the memory of the writer, who so long shared in their hardships, their dangers and their triumphs. It is the campaigning and the battlefield that make men feel near and dear to each other. The burly Dutchman, the wild Irishman, and all nationalities, mingle together in battle and in death and are ever bound together in one common brotherhood.

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