1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
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Mason County

Illinois National Guards
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The Seventh Regiment of Illinois National Guards was organized August 17, 1877, with headquarters at Peoria. Col. Isaac Taylor, of Peoria, has command of the regiment. The Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment is J. S. Kirk, of Havana. Major, O. P. Crane, Surgeon, of Mason City.

Two companies of this regiment belong to Mason County-one in Havana, and the other in Mason City.

Company F, of Havana

Capt. Wm. H. Webb.
First Lieut. J. C. Yates.
Second Lieut. S. F. Kyle.
First Sergt. S. A. Murdock.
Second Sergt. J. R. Murdock, disd.
Second Sergt. J. W. Patton.
Third Sergt. C. B. Ketcham.
Fourth Sergt. C. N. Warner.
Fifth Sergt. W. A. Brown.
First Corp. Henry Myers.
Second Corp. L. P. Dorrel.
Third Corp. E. C. Dearborn.
Fourth Corp. H. R. Havighorst.
Fifth Corp. J. J. Parkhurst.
Sixth Corp. Charles Pollitz.
Seventh Corp. W. C. Rodecker.
Eighth Corp. F. W. Blanchard.
Musician W. L. Ketcham.
Musician E. O. Wheadon.

Privates,--Giles Atkins, J. P. Atwater, John Barry, Isaac Bend, Valentine Ball, A. W. Beck, George Brown, John L. Carman (died in 1879), William Chambers, Abe Davis, R. F. Drone, Lewis Doherer, W. H. Emerson, H. A. Ferbrache, Goodwin Ford, Gust. Gartheffner, Ol. Greenwalt, G. W. Hillyer, W. H. Hillyer, Isaac M. Henninger, George Q. Henninger, W. A. Henninger, Judson Henninger, Charles H. Hoffner, W. C. Hoffner, J. C. Johnstone, Henry Kindorp, Frank Lally, W. W. Langford, Frank Lewis, C. H. Lury, Dan. McMahon, A. W. Nash, J. E. Neims, Jr., Charles Paul, E. W. Paul, A. Peterson, G. H. Prater, J. P. Prettyman, J. W. Reese, J. W. Sarff, Wm. Schultz, J. H. Schulte, Jr., Walter Spink, John Schwenck, W. S. Stout, E. A. Thornburg.

Company I, of Mason City

Capt. Amos Trout.
First Lieut. George B. Jackson.
Second Lieut. John F. Heffernan.
First Sergt. Geo. H. Kern.
Second Sergt. Enoch J. Pittsford.
Third Sergt. Harry C. Thompson.
Fourth Sergt. George H. Constant.
Fifth Sergt. Ed. S. Carrey.
First Corp. John J. Cox.
Second Corp. Nelson Carson.
Third Corp. Henry Kile.
Fourth Corp. Wm. H. Malone.
Fifth Corp. Samuel B. Spear.
Sixth Corp. Charles M. Patterson.
Seventh Corp. Willard E. Lesourd.
Musician Edward W. Fuller.

Privates,--W. G. Black, Jno. E. Beck, Melville Chester, Bruce Chenoweth, Lorenzo D. Cox, Amos T. Cole, Thomas E. Case, Jno. F. Connelly, Bradley W. Case, Elijah M. Crafton, Henry Dallas, Ludwick Davis, Edw. J. Dunbar, Corey Fletcher, Harland F. Gregory, Joseph Harrison, Geo. W. Kinnaman, John W. Krittey, William Keefer, Jno. Krirksman, Francis M. Ludlam, Eugene Mathers, James O'Brien, Wm. J. Rutherford, J. W. Rozell, Henry C. Shaggs, J. H. Strichtman, Gammel Smith, Eugene Spogenburg, Thos. O. Townsand, Isaac Taylor, Geo. W. Tracy, Edward A. Whitney, Emanuel Wharam.

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