1879 History of Menard & Mason Counties
Published by: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers
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Mason County

Forest City Township
Page 645

This township is known as Town 22 north, Ranges 6 and 7 west of the Third Principal Meridian. It is bounded north and east by Manito Township, south by Pennsylvania and Sherman Townships, and west by Quiver Township. It is the smallest of the thirteen civil townships into which the county has been divided, and comprises a little more than thirty-one sections in its area. In surface configuration, it is very similar to the adjacent townships of Manito and Quiver. Timber-land is found only in the northwest corner of the township. Fully five-sixths of its entire surface is prairie land, most of which is very productive. The soil is similar in character to that found in general throughout the whole extent of the county-a rich, brown mold, freely intermixed with sand. The proportions of clay, etc., intermingled, vary somewhat in different localities-some being far more argillaceous than others. In the woodland portions, the surface often arises into bold, round bluffs, with mound-appearing escarpments so common to the landscape further south along the Illinois River. Quiver Creek, a small stream flowing in a general southwestern direction through the township, takes its rise near the village of Forest City and leave the township near the northwest corner of Section 27. This, with artificial ditches constructed leading into it, efficiently drains a large amount of the prairie portion of the township. In 1862, when township organization was effected, this division received the name of Mason Plains. Prior to this, it had been designated as Mason Plains Precinct-a name given by the early Methodist ministers to their appointments in this section. This name it continued to bear until 1873, when, by an act of the Board of Supervisors, it was changed to that of Forest City Township. The reason for the change existed in the fact that difficulties and perplexities often arose in the shipment of matter, intended for Mason Plains, to Mason City, in the southeastern portion of the county.

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