They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Did You Know---
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Did you know--- Will Davis operated a bakery in the section now housing Boeker's Museum?

There was a gravel company on the Sangamon River north of here operated by the Oakford Co?

Dave Lee and Luther Lynn had livery stables here?

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Jed Casteel operated a blacksmith and wood working shop in the block were Stroh's Oil Station operates now?

John Armstrong built the lumber company as we know it now for an implement building?

Sam Allen, a man about town who didn't catch on to things quickly, furnished quite a bit of entertainment for the roomers at Dave and Ellen Lee's boarding house by singing into the newly installed telephone. Allen thought he was singing to an unseen audience of 150; however, the phone wasn't yet connected.

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Boys walked down the railroad track to the trestle with their slingshots. Their targets? Those tempting telephone pole insulators, of course.

There was a town pump and well in the center of town.

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In 1907, Mrs.J.A.Moore of Oakford had continuously attended Sunday School for 70 years? A home caught on fire the church bell sounded the alarm and the bucket brigade operated from the large water tank in the elevator area?


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