They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Our Men of Medicine
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Long before Oakford was founded. James D. Whitley, a Civil War veteran (as an aid man) became a self educated doctor. Shortly after the war he settled at Robinson Mills practicing medicine and serving as postmaster.

Five or six years later, Dr. Whitley promptly moved his two room home (presently two east rooms of Mrs. Roy Lynn's residence) to Oakford immediately upon its founding taking the Robinson Mills post office with him. According to old stories Dr. Whitley had to move the post office back to Robinson mills until the records in Washington could be squared. However, he did become Oakford's first postmaster.

In 1879. Dr. Whitley turned his practice over to Dr. Jacob Bolinger, a young graduate of Rush College before moving to Petersburg.

Sometime shortly after the founding of Oakford a Dr. Burns practiced here for four years. Very little information is available on him.

Dr. Bolinger had a very successful practice for 24 years. He was very active in town and civil affairs.

In 1898. A Dr. Schrieber set up a practice in a little building located east of the Sutton Building. Since Dr. Bolinger had already established a large practice competition was keen. To help drum up business. Dr. Schreiber would gallop out of town leaving the townspeople wondering who was sick and had asked for his service. After a farmer revealed the doctor just stopped in a certain lane and read for awhile before returning to town. Dr. Schrieber lost prestige and left Oakford.

After Dr. Bolinger died in 1903. two new practices began in the village. Dr. Meckanson moved in from Fredrich, Illinois. A man and wife team known as the Dr. Nicolli's practiced in the Kendall Store lean-to around 1902. They worked here for several years. Dr. Meckanson lived where Cyrus Armstrong now lives.

In 1908. Dr. James C. Russell made his appearance. A young graduate of Rush College, He built up the most successful practice in the town's history From the upper end to Herget Bottom northeast of town to Mt. Olive Church west of town. Dr. Russell moved to Chandlerville.

In 1932. Dr. Moffett established a practice for a few years. After his departure. Oakford relied on Petersburg doctors for medical treatment.



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