They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Oakford First National Bank
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Shortly after the turn of the century, business was booming in Oakford. The trade area extended into the Mason County Hergert Bottom, the east end of Sandridge and five miles west of town. There were five and two elevators. Rail traffic on the CP & St. L was at its peak.

In 1906 Ashford Atterberry, M.O. Atterberry, Elias Watkins, George Schonewise and Jesse Ott organized a bank. These men purchased half of the agreed $25,000 capital stock and sold the other half to local farmers and businessmen.

The bank was established in the M.O. Atterberry Store with the installation of a round safe with one time clock-the best in those days.

In 1911 a new building was erected. Voluntary liquidation came on March 31, 1931, but no depositor's money was lost. Various bank employees were Lyman Ott, Dorothy Ott, Roscoe Anderson, Edgar Hollis, Elmer Kendall and Myrta Skaggs.



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