They Left Their Mark In Oakford, 1872

Oakford Stock Company
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During the late 1880s many communities organized and received charters for their companies, which were known as "Farmers Mutual Benefit Associations." One of these organizations was formed in 1889 at Bobtown. The company's nickname was F.M.B.A. (Fill My Bottle Again). At Oakford, a stock company was organized in 1894. Stock was sold to the citizens at $10.00 a share. Frank Kendall became secretary. C. W. Pratt was president of the company. They bought the lots where Boeker's store now stand and erected a set of scales and converted the old store building into an office. The purpose of this company was to try to obtain better prices for their grain. As well as buy farm implements at a cheaper price. The company was in existence only a few years, when it was dissolved around 1900.



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